what is my fitness level?


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i have been riding for a few years, off/on mostly by myself. I am curious about my fitness level so that I can gear my trainingtowards whatever I choose. i am NOT interrested in competiotion type riding. I just love the joy of it. i am preparing for the STP, which will be my longest ride ever. I can cranck easily 60 miles a day etc. you are getting the idea.
where can i go where i can punch in my average etc and see what i need to work on. any ideas????? sure is appreciated


Ride out in a club, you will quickly learn your weaknesses.


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Do it. Find a club it's great fun and you'll wonder why you didn't join sooner. Look them up on tinernet and give them a call - or send an email if you feel a bit shy. ;) Clubs are always looking for new recruits.

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If you want a physical measure of your physical fitness, then you should do a test as a benchmark.

The most simple would be something like timing yourself to do a route flat out, and say a month later see how much faster you can do it.

More complex would be a bleep test, which involves running not cycling, but is a good indicator of physical fitness.

Above that is a VO2 max test, you'd have to go to a sports centre or somewhere for one of these, but they give the best indication of exactly how your body can perform.
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