Which shorts and saddle for LEJOG?


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I'm doing LEJOG next month and need some additional shorts.
Any recommendations?

I've looked at the Endura FS260s (Chain Reaction Cycles) at £43, but would prefer to spend less if possible.
Having said that, comfort is the most important thing.

Would DHB Earnley lycra shorts (from Wiggle) be as good?
They're only £26.

Furthermore, the saddle on my Specialized Allez Elite is not particularly comfortable on rides of 60+ miles.
What's a decent saddle at a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Hi.. I've used the lusso coolmax shorts for years and find them to be excellent.. One of the best saddles for touring is prob the Brooks b17... I have cycled le/jog twice and found this saddle ideal.. only thing is it takes a while to soften up...


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On my JoGLE in August will be using:

Brooks B17 when riding the tandem.
Brooks Swift when on my solo bike
and will pack the
Brooks Comp (off my fixed) in my box of spares to go in the support vehicle.

Experienced and observant CycleChatters will deduce that I have a Brooks shaped R's:smile:

But everybody is different, and just a month before departure is a very short time to be thinking of trying different saddles. I tried any number of Specialized and Fizik saddles over the course of a year before deciding I was a "Brooks Bum"

Shorts.... No input on either of your suggestions, I'll be taking:
1 x Aldi shorts
1 x Lidl shorts
1 x Lidl longs

Another pattern there..... :biggrin:


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My first LEJOG was done on a Brooks Pro and Santini something-or-other shorts with a thin ( to today's standard ) patch.

My later attemp was done on a Fizik Arione and Lusso coolmax.

I now wear Lusso Coolmax Progel as a matter of course on whatever saddle the bike has.


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I agree. Too late to break in a B-17 (or rather let it break you in). And clothes need 'softening' up too with a few washes.

I would go with the best you have already got. You know what to expect and better the weaknesses you know than the ones you might discover with new kit. A long tour is not the place to discover issues. If there is soreness then you know where to apply the vaseline or your preferred lubricant.


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Just finished LEJOG with dhb bib shorts and a Brooks B17 averaging 90 miles/day solo unsupported. Had the Brooks on my Thorn Audax for a couple of months before the ride BUT ... bought the Brooks on a Friday, 80m on the Saturday, 60m on the Sunday, minor bruising, (no worse than if you've been off the bike for a few weeks) and then 80m again on the Monday, bruising gone. 3 days, some Proofide. Saddle perfect. No problems at all on LEJOG.
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