Who's riding tomorrow


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Who's riding in the morning? What have you got planned?

Me I will be out on my 2nd darkside ride nice and early to beat the cars up and around the Clent Hills.

Hoping the weather is as nice as it was this morning.
probably have a pootle around richmond park again. don't feel like venturing further afield yet. i'll be the one going very slowly, wave as you go past.



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South Beds.
After picking up my spare wheelset off Merlin Cycles I affixed the Schwalbe Slicks popped them onto my mountain bike and did 21 miles Friday, 25 miles saturday, 18 miles today (sunday) and will probably do some more again tomorrow.....
My off -roading is on hold until my new and much needed cassette and removal tool arrive in the post along with the new suspension fork.

I haven't been cycling on the road since last October.....I feel as if I could ride everyday.....although I won't be riding during this coming week ahead.....


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Was pretty pleased with myself as I cleaned the climb up to the National Trust Visitor Centre at the Clent Hills. One hell of a difference getting out of the saddle on a Road Bike to an MTB.
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