fixed gear

  1. Tail End Charlie

    SOLD - XL fixed gear Pompino for sale.

    XL size (so for riders around 6' I'd suggest), Pompino from Planet X. Rear hub is 120mm, 1/8" chain. Upgraded Tektro canti brakes, 28mm Continental Four Season tyres, Shimano dynohub, IQ Cyo front light, Surly Tuggnut on the rear and quick release fixings on the mudguards make puncture repair...
  2. silva

    Fixed gear / drivetrain wear distribution

    I've read that people swap cheaper parts in order to make more expensive parts wear slower, ex "rotating" 3 chains on a single chainring so that the single chainring lasts longer. The rear cog I use has a "lifetime guarantee" on condition that it is flipped every X miles (of course this...
  3. silva

    Which brands/models chainsets / chainrings have perfect centering?

    Since my newest bicycle I'm plagued with serious chain tension variation. First a Sugino now also a Stronglight. Other causes have been eliminated, I replaced chainring/chain/rear cog with new, still directly a tension variation of 2 cm up and down, which is said to result from a 0.5 mm...
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