gary fisher

  1. T4tomo

    Gary Fisher Aquila 1998 MTB - NOW Sold and collected

    £150 based in Herts, near Watford Hemel St Albans
  2. TTSS

    19" Gary Fisher Big Sur Hardtail MTB - Sold.

    Lightweight (around 20 lbs). 2006 Gary Fisher Big Sur. 19" frame so suitable for rider 5' 10" - 6' 2". This is in exceptional condition and has only done 150 miles from new. The frame is completely unmarked. I removed the original tyres from it as the write ups on them were not the best...
  3. lip03

    Gary fisher MTB ID... help!

    Evening guys, picking up this Gary Fisher mtb wednesday, anybody have a clue on the model? I’m pretty sure it is a Gary Fisher from the photo as there is a Gary fisher logo on the steerer tube but interested to know what frame it is
  4. CanucksTraveller

    Gary Fisher frame advice please

    Hi, My next door neighbour is a retired gentleman and he mentioned a frame he had in his garage for a while. He said it's his eldest son's, and that his son basically bent his MTB "a few years back", got a replacement frame from the manufacturer, and it's sat in his garage ever since. He...
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