1. Phil Neuron

    1980's Gazelle Trim Trophy 351, 600 Arabesque

    Hi all, regreably I'm selling on a small project that I wanted as my bit of best. I need to free some money for other projects. I believe bikes are for riding not collecting dust. This has a Shimano 600 Arabesque groupset including seat post, but has Campag down tube shifters. Malard hubs. This...
  2. ekbe01

    Turning Gazelle Van Stael into an upright bicycle

    Hi. I love Van Stael with a mixte frame. I love everything about this bicycle, beautiful design, lightweight, coaster brake. But I'm so used to upright cycling! I know I can replace a stem so the handlebars will be higher and closer to a saddle, but my biggest concern is that this wonderful bike...
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