1. steveindenmark

    Hedgehog watch.

    I have seen plenty of deer recently, rabbits, hares, foxes, badgers, mink. The frogs are out now. But I have not seen a hedgehog yet. Has anybody seen one this year?
  2. dan_bo

    Hedgehog (poorly)

    Wife just found this little dude walking around during the daytime with a spazzed back leg. Any idea of a hedgehog sanctuary type place in the Oldham area? cant find owt on the net so far.
  3. montage

    found a hedgehog...what to do?

    I found a smallish hedgehog at 5pm today, out in the sun. It was very unresponsive to the touch (using a stick, gently) and covered in flies that seem to be laying their eggs. From the way it is walking it appears blind, stumbles now and again etc. Taking it in for the night isn't really an...
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