jockey wheel

  1. Fifelad

    Chain slipping off bottom jockey wheel

    Relatively new jockey wheels, new chain, cassette. Started to doubt myself if I had the jockey wheels the wrong way around, but it’s been ok for ages. Only other thing I’m thinking is they were BBB with adaptor rather than Shimano like for like replacement and it’s a minuscule bit out of...
  2. Rooster1

    Ooops - worn jockey wheel

    My chain jumped off the outer jockey wheel last week - it had never done that before and I was a bit confused to the cause. So, after a proper clean I noticed that it was "slightly" worn. Suffice to say - check your jockey wheels after a few thousand miles! top - worn jockey wheel bottom -...
  3. U

    Jockey Wheel Maintenance

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