1. CharlesF

    For Sale: Kinetic Rock and Roll T-016

    £95.00 This is my Kinetic Rock and Roll turbo trainer. It works perfectly and comes with: Front wheel raiser Speed and Cadence Sensors ANT+ dongle with USB cable 700c rear wheel with Shimano 9 speed and Continental HomeTrainer tyre Pdf Instructions that will be emailed to you. I’m selling...
  2. bikingdad90

    Kurt Kinetic PCB board...

    I have a brand new Kurt Kinetic PCB board going if anyone needs one to fix their smart control trainer? £40 posted to anyone on CC and will end ebay auction...
  3. bencran

    Kurt Kinetic - InRide sensor

    Looking for the sensor only. Thanks!
  4. airborneal

    Kinetic by Kurt T-725 W Power Computer Rear Wheel Sensor, Cadence Ideal for Trainer

    Bought this as New old stock, see photos box a bit rough All parts are new unused Can be used on or off trainer, Has both wire regular and Cadence sensor Ideal for trainer as the sensor runs in conjunction with magnet on rear wheel Note this is model T-725, It isn't the wireless version and...
  5. T

    Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll Turbo Trainer + Swivelling Riser

    As I can no longer compete in triathlons (both hips now replaced, so no running) I don't use my turbo trainer anymore. I am therefore selling my KK Rock & Roll turbo with the turntable riser and a (well) used (but still serviceable) turbo tyre, I will also throw in the cheap rear wheel that I...
  6. A

    Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid turbo trainer

    Turbo trainer from Kinetic, reviewed here: more pics here: Around 70 Quid. It is in east london / essex
  7. berty bassett

    kinetic - one

    has anyone on here got any review on kinetic wheels ? looking for 40-50mm rims alloy braking and these keep popping up in searches - just wondered if anyone has got any views looking at trying to get roughly the same as bullet ultra but without spending bullet ultra money !
  8. T

    Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roller

    As I am now no longer competing (well attending) triathlons I cannot find the mojo to get on the turbo, it is therefore gathering dust! I have a Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roller (mark 1 version with the wide legs) and the turntable riser ring for sale, £200 for the pair, buyer collects (Near Shepton...
  9. Brian Stacks

    Kinetic 1-33 ultralite wheels

    Any advice or experience of kinetic 1-33 ultralite wheels. Feedback much appreciated :popcorn:
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