1. N

    Nexus 5 or 8

    Looking at a Kalkhoff for my wife. Two options, both around the same price. A nexus 8 with 50nm steps 6100, or a nexus 5 ebike hub with a 60 nm steps 6100. We are struggling to see the difference. The higher torque is appealing and the 5 speed claims to be ebike specific. Does the 5 have a...
  2. chr15b

    Damaged my brand new Shimano Nexus 7 IGH!

    Hi Folks, Yesterday morning I picked up my new Boardman URB 8.8 which comes with a Gates Belt & Nexus 7 IGH. This morning I went to fit mudguards (Video is on YT if interested) and when removing the rear wheel from the bike (First time removing a wheel from both a Belt & Hub setup) I stupidly...
  3. C

    waterproofness of nexus hubs

    I would like to build a nexus geared hub into my ancient Raleigh Discovery MTB and will be using it to commute on across fields, gritty cycle paths and thru sheep poo. I wondered if anyone has advice about how good these hubs are at keeping out the splosh? I have an alfine on my circe tandem but...
  4. H

    Which ergon grips standard or nexus?!?!

    Hi guys in the market 4 a new set of grips for my Whyte Shoreditch. Just not sure which option to go 4. Anyone be able 2 point me in the right direction. Much appreciated for any help.
  5. MahatmaAndhi

    Can somebody share pictures of a Nexus Alfine please?

    Hi all, Today when I was out riding on my Roux G8, something happened to my gears which left me with just one, 10 miles from home. Near the hub where the outer cable ends is a 'stopper' (not sure what the correct term is). Whatever was there that prevented the outer cable from going through it...
  6. alicat

    Shimano Nexus 7 qr front wheel - which side of the fork does the fat washer go?

    Hi all I took the front wheel of my Shimano Nexus 7 roller brake bike without noticing which side of the fork the thick shiny washer goes. Is it on the outside as in the first picture ( bike upright) or inside as in the second? Thanks for all advice.
  7. Chess

    Convert Nexus twist shifter to Trigger ?

    Hi all. I'm looking for advice on whether it's possible to change my twist shifter ( Shimano Nexus 7 hub gears) to a trigger ? Is it possible ? And if so, is it a relatively easy job ? Are there any problems I should be aware of ? I've looked on YouTube, but haven't found one that tackles hub...
  8. Chess

    Nexus 7 maintenance advice please

    Hi all. I'm wanting to clean out and re-grease my Nexus 7 Internal gear hub. I have purchased the (expensive) recommended shimano hub gear grease but I'm struggling to find a decent website or YouTube video with simple instructions. Can anyone link me to a suitable one please ? The ones I found...
  9. G

    Carphone Warehouse Faulty Goods.

    I bought a Nexus 6P from Carphone Warehouse that's still in warranty (just). The screen was cracked on it a couple of months after I bought it, (don't step on phone in the middle of the night when you going to the toilet). It's now developed a problem in that the battery is fubar'd, this it...
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