1. O

    Rockshox Dart 2 fork repairs.

    Has anyone taken one of these apart? My son has an older Canondale that came equipped with one of these and it now has a problem. The fork compresses but is very slow to rebound. I've had a quick look online and nothing seems to quite match this fork. I've looked for a Schrader valve but can't...
  2. Oldbloke

    Question re Rockshox Reba fork

    My BMC TeamElite 02 has a RockShox Judy (TK Silver) fork with 100mm compression. I use it for cross country/light trails; @Levo-Lon suggested that changing to a Reba fork would be a good idea. Question-I've seen the Reba on offer for 270 euros, but it has 130mm travel-would this additional...
  3. PaulSecteur

    Rockshox treaded air cap (bottomless token compatible)

    Hi, just got some bottomless tokens to make my fork more progressive... only to find my top cap is missing the threads! Anyone got one (32mm for aluminium) that they want to swap for beer
  4. JoeWakefield03

    Rockshox Sektor rl Debonair fork

    Anyone have any experience with this fork? It’s the 2019 debonair version and ie as wondering whether anyone had any experience with the fork or have any specs to offer!
  5. Justinslow

    Rockshox compression control

    Hi, I’ve just bought this fork - Rockshox 30 solo silver It has a pop lock compression adjuster on the fork crown that is either on or off with a cable, the fork didn’t come with the cable and...
  6. P

    Rockshox Reba remote lockout

    I am going to replace the cable on my Rockshox Reba remote lockout cable. Is it an ordinary gear cable I use with corresponding outer? Should it be in the lockout or suspension position when i replace it. Its not the poploc but the 2 switch model. TIA
  7. Ratchet Cat

    Rockshox Tora forks

    My 2008 Rockshox Tora 302 forks need servicing. Does anyone know where I can get a service manual and parts please? Yes I know there are people that will do it for you. It doesn't seem worth spending £100 to do it. I'm just thinking of changing the oil and seals. Edited as they are Tora 302 forks.
  8. Archeress

    Rockshox Poploc Remote Lever

    Hi Folks! I've just ordered an upgrade fork for my GT Timberline, a Rockshox XC30, 29er, straight 1 1/8" Steerer, QR. An upgrade fork for my GT is increasingly hard to find, and I found somewhere selling some brand new OEM ones that are ready for the remote lockout, but are being sold without...
  9. Tom B

    Rockshox Monarch R weeping oil.

    I've recently had my Monarch R rebuilt under warranty. On a ride of a couple of hours where the shock got a good workout I noted the sliding part had a good film of oil on it. As I am pretty new to this suspension lark Is this normal or a sign of impending doom? Be
  10. CycleChat

    Offer: RockShox Reverb Dropper Seatpost now £199.99 @ Chain Reaction Cycles
  11. Kevinski66

    Early 90's Rockshox RS1 forks

    Hi all, Got some original Rockshox RS1 forks in good condition but they feel very soft and I ain't got a scooby on how to stiffen them up as I'm a mere novice in the fork suspension league, i believe they are air suspension and they have two removable caps but that is as far as I've got and i...
  12. Dave7

    Rockshox air....maintenance question.

    While riding my hardtail.....when hitting a bump or pothole.....there is a decided & quite loud crack. Its intermittent but regular. It seems to come from the top of the forks (sounds as though its the frame but I doubt it can be) Forks are Rockshox. I only do light off road e.g. farm tracks &...
  13. Oldbloke

    Servicing Rockshox Reba fork

    According to their user manual, these should be serviced every 25 hours. Now in the 12 months or so that I've used my MTB, mostly on lightish forest trails, I reckon I've done double that. The only obvious problem I have is with the Poploc which doesn't work properly. How difficult a job is...
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