1. H

    Wahoo Speedplay PowrlinkPedals

    Just the pedals - and charger just don't need 2 sets now. Never been used on the road, light indoor use on turbo Buyer to collect from Lowestoft Suffolk £350 ono
  2. Gunk

    Speedplay Frog Pedals

    Speedplay Frog Clipless Pedals very hard to find, excellent condition with very little wear and super smooth bearings. £45 including postage, Paypal accepted.
  3. nickg

    Speedplay zero Pedals

    Speedplay zero pedals and cleats. Have been used by many miles left in them. £75 including postage.
  4. nickg

    Speedplay ultra light action pedals and cleats. (SOLD)

    As the title, Speedplay ultra light action pedals and cleats with covers Everything in the picture included. £105 including postage.
  5. gbs

    SPEEDPLAY pedals

    So far on my roadbikes i have used Shimano one sided pedals. Very happy until recently but now I have developed an inexplicable hip strain. It was suggested that Speedplay because of large float might be beneficial. I welcome all comments: 1) is the conversion kit to allow fitting of such...
  6. Kernow_T

    New: Speedplay SYZR stainless steel pedals £110 posted inc. fees

    30%+ cheaper than anywhere else and 50% below RRP Features: Direct-Drive Power Transfer: Syzr pedals deliver power more efficiently than any MTB pedal. Other MTB pedal systems waste energy with every pedal stroke by transferring rider power through the spongy rubber tread of the shoe sole...
  7. Gary E


    As requested I've been given Wiggle vouchers for Christmas as I wanted to buy some Speedplay pedals. Unfortunately when I logged into Wiggle I realised that the choice isn't quite as straightforward as I first thought :( There are different types of Speedplay pedals that I'm finding it hard to...
  8. Hugh Manatee

    Speedplay Pedals. Recommended?

    Hello everybody. I have recently converted to Time pedals. I had a set that I actually bought second hand and they soldiered on for years. When they finally bought the farm, I was happy to buy new Expresso 4 pedals. These seem to be have been designed to be disposable. The cleats are made...
  9. Gert Lush

    Speedplay Pedals

    Hello, I'm just looking for a bit of advice about these pedals and whether they'd be suitable for me. I'm looking at the Zero Chrome-Moly ones. I currently have a pair of Shimano A530 pedals and I find that if I struggle to clip in after I push off and I with my cycling shoes I cannot grip...
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