1. Boopop

    Stoves - talk to me.

    So I've got two tours planned for this year, both about a week long. Now I've got front and rear pannier bags, I figure I've got plenty of room for a stove. I was going to get the Primus Primetech 2.3L, then I started considering a Trangia, then I contemplated a Soto Amicus. I'm a bit lost...
  2. Iainj837

    cooking stoves

    what is the best and safest 1 burner camping stove
  3. H

    Trangia vs MSR

    I’m debating whether to take my trangia (alcohol stove) or msr petrol stove on a year long trip in South America. I was set on using the trangia but now i’m not sure. VOTES PLEASE! Trangia: PROs Can’t break, doesn’t burn your food. CONs Might be hard to find meths/alcohol, not too sure about...
  4. M

    Trangia fuel

    Got my new stove. Would like to know how much fuel people carry and how long it lasts. Cheers in advance.
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