1. E

    Triumph Traffic master

    Good afternoon all I've just started to try to swap out the handle bars on a bicycle I picked up a couple of months back. It's a nice 1979 Triumph Traffic master but I'm having an issue with getting them detached.Does anyone know anything about these bikes and if it's something that can be done...
  2. broady

    Triumph 'Palm Beach' vintage ladies cycle

    Triumph 'Palm Beach' vintage ladies cycle. It is approx 60 years old and in full working order. It has 3 speed Sturmer Archer gears, 21" frame, hub dynamo lighting. 26" wheels. There is some rust on the chrome and the sear cover has a split in it (see photo). It can be collected from either...
  3. keithmac

    Supercharged Triumph Speed Triple!

    Just got this in for sale at work, custom built Triumph 1050 Speed Triple Supercharged. It's a beast, loads of bespoke parts and very well built. Ignore the green, it's mint black bodywork underneath. Trying to talk myself out of buying it but it's hard work!. Just so nice to see a well...
  4. EltonFrog

    Triumph Team Leader

    Do you think that this frame is the same near enough as the BSA?
  5. Richard A Thackeray

    'Tuckers Triumph'

    Made as a brewery promotion, but good fun I only recognise one rider in it, that's Chris Young (multiple British Cyclo-Cross champion) He's in the pub at the end, smiling, in a white t-shirt (long sideburns), pushing the beer across the table I know Chris, but know Mick, his brother better (I...
  6. Ozzie770

    Triumph Tenerife Restoration

    Hope you dont mind, but I thought I would show you my 1966 Triumph Tenerife restoration..
  7. Ozzie770

    Triumph Bike

    I got this Triumph Ladies bike thrown in when I got my Raleigh Esquire, does anybody know what model it is, as I am thinking of breaking it down and selling the bits... The rear SA shows it as a 1966.. The Frame number is 83** FF The rims are Dunlop and not bad condition for age, though a couple...
  8. Dirk

    Triumph Rodeo and 'Tracker' Bikes

    Back in the mists of time - when I were a lad - I built a 'tracker' bike. They were all the rage around our way in the early 1960s. Something along the lines of these....mine had bars similar to the one on the extreme left. Basically take any old frame available. Strip off mudguards. Put on cow...
  9. Nigel182

    Triumph Traffic Master (Raleigh Twenty Clone).

    Finally getting round to setting up my Traffic Master as a Multi Purpose,All Rounder,Commuter,Day Tourer et all. As i gave the Raleigh Twenty to my Dad (a very early Fathers Day Present) been making a few additions As I got it plus a new Front Light
  10. Chris S

    Cheap Triumph in Sussex

    There's a rod-braked Triumph on ebay with a buy it now price of £28. It looks like an easy restoration. The centre of the crankcase is missing and the saddle isn't original but that's about all...
  11. S

    Pre-War Box Delivery Cargo Trike TRIUMPH CARRIER 99p

    Hi All This one is a bit out there but thought some of you may be interested: 1900 - 1930 Box Tricycle project needing a bit of work to complete Very RARE Thanks Sully
  12. Jonnyvr46

    Triumph cyclone cafe racer

    hi guys For sale a 60cm frame Triumph Cyclone, bike in need of some restoration, could be a good project to turn this bike to its former glory. Bike is in working order could just do with some tlc Wanting £60 for it or sensible offers, can post it obviously at buyers costs. Cheers
  13. U

    Triumph Traffic Master

  14. biggs682

    My Triumph

    Latest arrival at Chez Racing Bike Biggs682 is this one owner from new Triumph road bike all steel so nice and heavy great to ride. Even original bar tape and cabling that could do with replacing. Had the longest seat post ever seen in it yet the owner was only had an inch on display! Even came...
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