1. PpPete

    Wheelbuilding - Spoke tension nerd question

    I usually build either 36 spoke or 32 spoke, and by carefully following Roger Musson's advice I'm happy to say that despite wearing out any number of rims over the course of 20, 000 miles or so, I have yet to break a spoke on ANY of the wheels I've built (or indeed have any breakages reported to...
  2. Survivor Bikes

    1977 Halfords Nimbus Deluxe - Taxi RestoMod

    Happy weekend everyone. Another one done this week. Custom theme graphics, powder coated frame & forks. Built the 451 wheels using rims from SJS and hand rolled spokes. Next week’s project is likely to be mid 70s Raleigh Eighteen.
  3. alicat

    Wheelbuilding - trueing a rim - more out of true than I expected

    I'm swapping one rim out for another. I've reached the stage of doing the first true. The wheel is more out of true (c.4mm) than I expected, especially when I took care to turn the spokes an exact number of time. Should I wind back a stage and repeat or carry on trueing? I've had a few...
  4. U

    Why do my spokes keep breaking? - Bike wheel science.

    3 in 3 months! Ridden for 3 years prior with no broken spokes. I get them fixed by lbs within a few days after each one has gone. Shizuoka hoy 1 bike, Commuting down canal towpath 8 miles each way with paneers with clothes and lunch in them. i weigh 87kgs and haven't put on weight recently...
  5. confusedcyclist

    Wheel Building Woes

    I'm having a bit of trouble with my latest wheel build. I am pretty sure I have done my spoke calculations correctly, I even used two separate online calculators and remeasured the hub flanges and ERD to ensure this. So, unless the bike shop shop gave me the wrong spokes lengths, something else...
  6. Gareth

    Wanted: Spoke thread rolling tool.

    Wanted: Spoke thread rolling tool. Similar to, or more modern than the one shown in attached photo. If you have unused but working spoke thread rolling tool gathering dust I would like to buy it from you. Age of tool or head size unimportant: I can buy the correct size rollers if necessary, it...
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