£1000 budget for Road/Adventure Bike: Cycle Scheme, help me decide! :)


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Dartmoor, Devon

I have been procrastinating for far too long about which bike to buy. The Covid lockdown isn't helping as I can't get out to test ride anything (nor do really want in the current situation). I will stick my neck on the line and buy online without testing.

I will be riding on Dartmoor, mostly on the road. With that in mind, it's very hilly, not always the best condition roads and I have the option to go on to tracks. I have short-listed the following 3 bikes:

1) Vitus Energie VR 2020 - Although it's a cyclocross bike, the geometry is meant to be pretty comfortable. SRAM Rival (1x) components. Relatively light at the budget - around 9.3kg without peddles. I don't have any experience with Vitus so a bit of an unknown to me.
2) Felt VR30 2019 - Between a gravel bike and road bike, meant to be a very comfortable ride. 105 components, around 9.5kg. Low gearing, which is helpful where I am.
3) GT Grade Carbon 2016 - Between a gravel and road bike. Biggest attraction being carbon frame. 105 components, around 9kg.

They are all the same price £1000. I am attracted to the Vitus as for it's weight and I like the idea of the SRAM 1x system but my superficial side isn't excited by the look of the overall bike. The Felt does appear that it will be very comfortable and I really like the look of the bike. The gear ratios also seem ideal for where I'll be riding. Finally the GT Grade appeals as it's a carbon frame and I really like the look.

I am very inexperienced as a road cyclist, so any advice would be gratefully received!

Many thanks
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