£25 argos gift voucher.... suggestions please!

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I have just been awarded a £25 Argos giftcard from work. I don't normally shop there much as the stuff they stock doesn't really appeal to me but now I have no choice.
What can I buy for £25 or thereabouts that will be a useful addition to my empire? I have had a glance at the cycling stuff but nothing leapt out at me, obviously I would like something cycle related so over to you peeps.....
How long does it last before it expires? Sometimes they have good sale deals on when something is half price or whatever.
£24.99 will get you one of these:

Where are the pedals?
How much extra for pedals?


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Argos drill, only £12.99, probably quite good if you need to drill some cheese or other soft goods, so ok for brie or camembert but I wouldn't try it on parmigiano or padano, not even with the hammer on.


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Looking at their website, they are selling Muc-Off cleaning products at reduced prices at the moment. Might be worth getting some in ready for the dirty winter commutes.
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