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Whilst I love driving old cars, I’m getting to that age where a bit of comfort and ease of driving are more important.
My old buddy from my Skoda dealership days called me up to say he was selling his Mk-1 Octavia L&K after 14 years in his caring hands. It has the usual refinements from this top of the range model including heated leather seats, electric everything and ultra reliable 1.9 tdi lump which he has serviced and cared for. So now I will be saying goodbye to my trusty old Skoda Favorit estate and cruising in a slightly more modern Skoda all for a terrible sum £750 !



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until my kids stop treating the car as a mobile dustbin im sticking with my dacia , plastic everywhere makes it easy to clean .


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I've about 18 months ownership left of my battered Peugeot Tepee, with my 16yo wanting it after me for a bit. It's really useful as a bike and parts hauler between races.

It's rare for an owner to improve a car but under me it's had a replacement door, re-built engine, matching new tyres x 2, new clutch, brakes, waterpump windscreen and lots of other bits in the 3 1/2 years and 55,000 miles I've had the car.

The plan is probably to replace it with something similar, maybe alongside another convertible.
I like it

I saw it earlier today on the owners club FB site


Cycling Skoda lover
A colleague sold his Octavia 1.9 tdi estate, 2001 with circa 230k miles on it, bodily still very good to another colleague, its still going strong and reliable. Very good car when looked after.
My friend has owned this one since 2006 and being a Skoda tech he has been fastidious with its maintenance. I should get a good few years out of it
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The 1.9 TDI seems to be the best/most reliable VW engine.
I'm going to poke fate with a big stick here

My Octavia estate is the 1.6Tdi (common-rail) & barring routine maintenance (& 'wear & tear' items) has been great over the past 8 & half years I've owned it
It's knocking on the door of 148,000miles (granted not many compared to some)
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