€72000 of bikes stolen


But if you had €72000 of bikes in a truck or van. Wouldnt you have someone stay with the van overnight.?

I'll raise you to £100,000-£150,000 worth of demo bikes stolen locally to me. Left in a van overnight outside a hotel :ohmy:


As you say, crazy to think this value of bikes is left unattended overnight.


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Walk round any service station car park and count the number of trucks with no-one in them.

Even the factory isn't safe, scroll down to the Orange theft.


If they want it they will take it.
Our council a few years ago moved the in house printers out of one building into another. They left 100's of k worth of equipment parked up over night in the carpark of the other building. The whole went over night no one thought it was not a good idea to just leave it. Cost a small fortune to replace it at the time.
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