1. W

    HELP l have been given two bikes l zero about

    I have been given a Canondale off road bike and a "Rockrider" with the request that l do what l like with them . Since l only ride road bikes that request is a bit of a problem. Are they junk or should l offer them for sale to the appropriate bike riders? A few photos : He isn't in the best...
  2. ericmark

    Are there other folding bikes other than Brompton?

    I was looking at this section and 9 out of 10 threads had Brompton in the title. I live in the hills, so really need a little assistance, so wanted an electric motor, but wife's e-bike is over the 20 kg and bike rack able to be used same time as towing has a limit of 40 kg, plus it means only...
  3. Venod

    The price of bikes.

    I don't mind paying the right price for a decent bike or frame, but is it just me that thinks the price of bikes is getting out of all proportion to what they are. I have just seen a used 2019 Specialized on Facebook for £6,500 the original price been 12k :eek: £6,500 sounds over the top for a...
  4. fozy tornip

    Orchestral manouevres on a bike

    You might have seen this
  5. wisdom

    Apple bikes

    Another bike shop closing is Apple bikes in St.Annes. I have bought 2 new from there,as has my son most of my clothing,parts and luggage also came from them.Always top class service. Mike Gadd was their mechanic.Wizard wheelbuilder and top tim trialist a few years ago. A real shame.non really...
  6. Shack

    Bike Rack- 3 bikes (sold)

    Just swapping to a rack that will stay attached to our T4, so this is now surplus. It is a universal 3 bike rack that folds flat-ish and is secured by 6 adjustable straps. Does / should fit any number of vans and vehicles that have a flat back due to its flexible/ adjustable set up. Took it...
  7. gmw492

    Vitus bikes any good ?

    Just looking at Vitus road bikes and they seem to offer a great spec for a decent price compared to other brands in this crazy price bike world we now live in. The Zx Evo comes with Reynolds deep section wheels worth over £1000 on their own :eek:, nice aero bars integrated and good spec...
  8. cosmicbike

    Bike Cover For 3 Bikes?

    The new camper is bigger than the old one, so planning on not having an awning attached. We used to put the 3 bikes in the awning when we went out, overnight etc, but no longer going to be an option. Current thinking is to leave them stacked, locked together and to the ground via a pair of dog...
  9. Cycleops

    Is this proof Carbon bikes really do melt in the rain?

    Canyon have had problems with their Aeroad seat post system and its being exacerbated by poor weather:
  10. Toshiba Boy

    Two Retro Road Bikes for sale

    Chap I bought my 1990 Lombardia from, in 2019, and have kept in touch with since, has become a friend. He has two more beauties for sale. Pick up only, Halesowen, West Midlands, asking £350 each. I have not seen them, and simply post on here and if anybody interested, message me for Gareth's...
  11. Cycleops

    We still don't know how bikes work

    Interesting video of research which is still going on about how bikes work. View:
  12. glasgowcyclist

    Theft of bikes from Laggan Wolftrax

    Thieves have broken into the premises at Laggan Wolftrax (about 35 miles east of Fort William) and stolen over £50,000 worth of bikes. Twenty bikes worth a total of more than £50,000 have been stolen from premises at a...
  13. Cycleops

    Cyclist picks up his new Giant bike and rides it 9300 miles home.

    DM story about this guy who bought his Giant direct from the factory in Shanghai and rode it home to Newcastle in four months:
  14. Beespoke

    Show us your utility bikes

    Here's the Beespoke workshop bike... Used for carrying wheels, cake and the odd pizza. 🐝
  15. F

    Electric bikes on trails

    Hi all, I may well get shot down for this but how annoying are electric bikes. Me and my boy go to Sherwood Pines most weekends as he’s fairly new to MTBing and it a really good place to learn skills and build confidence and fitness. He’s now really comfortable on the red route but this morning...
  16. woodbutcher

    Look bikes catalogues :
  17. Leslie

    Ellis Briggs and MKM bikes (Buying vintage frames in general)

    Hi all, Instead of buying an 'off the shelf' fixie/single speed, I am planning to buy a vintage road frame to convert into a single/fixie (flip flop hub) which I think may be more interesting and ending up with a more unique result. However, i want to know some of your opinions:- -Seen...
  18. Hover Fly

    Bikes in shop windows

    Not LBS, obviously but the bikes you sometimes see in (mainly) clothes shop windows, have you ever been tempted to go in and make an offer? Saw one yesterday, early 60s by the look of it, track bike, no name, but with BHC racelite hubs and best Williams cranks.
  19. M

    Wanted - Two Medium Road Bikes (cheapish ...)

    Kids are growing up and Santa is coming (social distancing applied ...), so looking for a couple of medium road bikes in decent condition, up to say £200 each. Don't have to be perfect, but decent working order appreciated. Based in Chester.
  20. Maherees

    Boardman Bikes Premium?

    Just been on the Boarman bikes site and wonder what happened to all the premium range they used to have ie those marked with a 9.0 onwards?
  21. snorri

    Women and Bikes

    Another survey for women who like that sort of thing. I have no connection with this survey, I just picked it up on soshul meedja:smile:.
  22. S

    100 bikes recovered in Bedford

    Off to find details...
  23. S

    coventry eagle road bikes

    I believe these bikes are a future classic Nice steel lugged frame nice and easy ride and the brand is overlooked in favour of raleigh dawes peugeot etc I know the Reynolds frame go for big monies but my eagle was 25 pounds and I have seen a lot sub the one hundred pounds price for sale Which...
  24. gazza19

    halfords e bikes

    hi has anyone had any experience of the assists bikes from halfords looking for advise on them
  25. cyberknight

    Choice of 2 bikes

    Been given the go ahead for a new bike if i sell my franken bike , im going for £450 max via c2w and im looking at 2 bikes for commuting purposes. its halfords c2w scheme and i am after road/ cx with disk brakes . choices are so far voodoo limba...
  26. Paulus

    Abandoned bikes

    There are now two poor abandoned bikes locked up to the stand. The first is a Raleigh Grande tourer which has been there since September. It was joined just before Christmas by an unidentified single speed bike which was locked to the first one. They are slowly rusting away but are intact apart...
  27. W

    Road Bikes, V Brakes?

    Hi all, This may be a stupid question but why do a lot of the road bikes even ones upto £1000 not have disc brakes? If you were looking to buy a road bike what kind of brakes are the best?
  28. albal

    A chance to purchase a job lot of bikes

    Not sure if this the right place: I have a friend who is currently cleared out his garage ( sold the land it sits on) of which were around 50 bicycles! He has offered me a chance to buy them. They are all stacked up onto a trailer, so I couldn't get to view them properly . Mostly 80's and 90's...
  29. Zipp2001

    New Bikes !

    Was at the bike shop Thursday with the grand buddies as they got there new bikes. They are bigger than what they are used to and we have the seats low for now until they get comfortable starting and stopping. Today was the first day on the trails with them, as we rolled out toward the lake. The...
  30. PMarkey

    Hope road bikes ?

    Just picked a Hope road bike up locally but a quick Google doesn't bring up much in the way of information apart from one picture on the cycling weekly site from the 2010 bike show anyone have any information ?
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