1. Foghat

    Bikes Etc magazine - has it gone?

    Anyone know the story with the apparent demise of Bikes Etc? Website says "no longer available to purchase as a subscription product", and it's been missing from the shelves for a while now. Preliminary googling not revealing anything.
  2. mynydd

    difference between these two bikes please?

    Hi I had been planning on getting the cube when I could afford it, but have just seen this Scott, following another thread here. can anyone point out major differences please? I could probably go for the scott now........ and am a bit impatient this...
  3. Threevok

    Hover Bikes are here !!!

    View: Do you think there will be a pedal version ? :whistle:
  4. Pedropete

    Secure bike sheds for longer bikes: cargo bikes, tandems etc.???

    Does anyone know of a secure, off-the-shelf bike shed (Asgard etc.) that will accommodate a longer bike, such as a Kona Ute, or even a Bakfiets style? I've looked at Asgard but their biggest is the 8x4 'Access' which, while long enough internally, has the door aperture centred, meaning it may...
  5. MrGrumpy

    £100k worth bikes stolen - Fife

    Folks just a heads up local bike shop gone done over at the weekend, huge amount stolen. Be aware of stupidly cheap offers for bikes etc.
  6. Gasman

    New Bikes

    Well, new to me in one case. Mrs Gas has just taken delivery of a new Electric Brompton courtesy of an interest free loan from Nicola Sturgeon. She could have had it a month ago but she wanted the white model so had to wait a bit. It'll allow her, in her severely unfit state, to ride to work...
  7. N

    fastening bikes in a van

    I've just bought a van to carry bikes. A Renault trafic crew-cab long wheelbase. Until now the bikes have been on the roof of my car and I hated them being outside, particularly on very long wet journeys. The new problem is- How do I fasten them in the back of the van? It is ply lined. I've...
  8. icowden

    Bikes for distance riding

    Hi all, As some of you know I currently ride my trusty Tern Joe ludicrously large folding bike. I have been enjoying doing some longer distance rides (55 and 65 miles so far as well as lots of 20 and 30 mile rides as training) and am painfully aware that this isn't really the right sort of bike...
  9. ChrisPAmbulance

    Carbon frames

    This is going to sound very much like a newbie question but so what, here goes As a rider of some 50 odd years, I have always been fairly old school and have pottered/zoomed around on various forms of steel framed bikes. Now, having just returned from the NEC bike show, I am all starry eyed...
  10. Dave7

    A choice between these 2 bikes.

    I must have a more comfortable/relaxed road bike. My LBS has made an offer for my Giant Defy carbon.......not what I hoped but I suppose realistic. My son wants my Giant Talon 1 hardtail although IMO its too small for him. I am trying to decide between a) Cannondale Quick 1 (ally frame as they...
  11. G

    FREE - Two Childrens Bikes In Need Of TLC

    Was going to just take these to the tip, but thought might as well offer on here first. Seems a shame to just throw away. Two bikes bought approx. 18 years ago and probably not ridden for last 15 years. My girl would have been around 10 and boy 12. Will need a good overhaul. Some rust in places...
  12. Dave7

    Now sold... Price Drop.2 Giant bikes for sale (mine since new)

    Now Sold. PRICE DROP. my LBS has made an offer. If I accept I am obliged to buy what he has to offer. So.. ..... re the Giant Defy. £525 will give you a real bargain. Anyone who wants it will have to move asap as I have a decision to make. I have decided to sell both my bikes and get one...
  13. Jackslad

    Bikes on Germany’s trains

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of/tips on taking bikes on trains in Germany. I’m considering cycling from Rotterdam to Frankfurt, then returning to Rotterdam by train. I know the train service in Holland is very bike friendly, but have no experience of same in Germany.
  14. Cycleops

    Top Bikes for 2020.

    This is the list according to Road CC. Any opinions? Top 5 | 2020 Road Bikes: View:
  15. I

    Matt black bikes

    What do you guys use to make them look lovely? I`ve tried everything from GT85 to car polish to Mr Sheen, and nothing seems to work very well. Any tips? I`m stumped!
  16. snorri

    Bikes for people not interested in cycling Or could be a description of why utility cycling has gone in to deep decline in the UK.
  17. Globalti

    Bikes designed for Californian weather, not British.

    I've just been looking at a Specialized Diverge online and in the close-up shots I notice that there's quite a gap between the fork top and the head tube. Past experience tells me that water flung off the front wheel will go straight in there, penetrate and sit around the bearing, which will be...
  18. PHL67

    Couple of nice old school bikes

    Bought the blue 653 then got talking and bought another one in 531 tubing in his garage. Great guy. Blue bike was built for him by Bill Nickson. I am a very lucky man.
  19. Globalti

    Bamboo bikes from Uganda!

    This looks interesting! I've heard that bamboo frames ride really nicely, if I ever get to visit Kampala again before retirement I'll be sure to visit this maker.
  20. G

    Vintage bikes.

    Hi there Is there anything on this site or another website where I can view vintage bikes - don't mean penny farthings, etc but old style retro "racing" bikes for example, preferably Bianchi! I did have a look through the photo gallery but couldn't see anything. Thanks in advance J
  21. steveindenmark

    Bikes on its way

    Well my bikes on its way to Hungary for the start of the Transcontinental Race. Unfortunately the start is in Bulgaria. But that does not appear to matter to the shipping company. I thought I had made it clear enough.
  22. fuzzybuddha

    Bikes Direct?

    Has anyone used Bikes Direct to buy a bike? The prices look good, but i dont want to get a ripped off.
  23. Oldfentiger

    A few interesting old bikes - could be reasonably priced

    A neighbour is having a clearout, so I'm showing these on here to see if anyone is interested in any of these four bikes. Pre-war Raleigh, with removable crossbar: Serial number could be 592738 1950s Phillips......... Pre-war Gazelle New Hudson. Serial number could be C492 As...
  24. 8mph

    650b Mountain bikes holding their value?

    I've recently seen a 2016 Specialized Chisel 650b going for £250 and a GT Elite Avalanche frame and forks going for £70. Both bikes were in superb condition. What's with the crazy low prices? I never see 29ers fetch this little second hand.
  25. jowwy

    E Bikes-abuse and rhetoric posted about ebikes and their riders

    They are not just aimed at beginner, unexperiened, non cyclists. They are ridden by professional, ex professional, cyclists, mtbers all over the world....people need to stop this fascination that they are only ridden by idiots and unexperienced riders. Its getting boring people, move on....they...
  26. L

    Taking Bikes on TransPennine Express Trains

    Some very good news about T.P.E changing their policy that required 24 hour advance booking of bikes on their trains. See link below:
  27. J

    Road bikes sizes

    I'm 6ft 2inch, should I go with Large or extra large. I had a giant defy large a few years back and always felt I needed bigger. What's other people's experiences? I am considering a giant or triban in the £500 to £700 price range are there any others I should be considering. Looking for...
  28. steveindenmark

    Hydrogen bikes.

    I know nothing about them so hopefully I can learn soething on here. 100km range and recharges in 3 minutes. Can that be correct?
  29. Trigger369

    Summer and winter bikes

    Another new bike question here . After spending a fortune on my new full carbon bike and wanting to keep it in tip top condition . How do you all treat your good bikes ? Do you go out in shitty weather with them even if its summer or just keep them for dry summer days ? When do you retire the...
  30. Flying_Monkey

    Rohloff touring bikes

    A few years ago, it seemed as though Rohloff speedhubs would be everywhere but they seem to be still a niche gear choice. But I still want a steel Rohloff-equipped on and off-road touring / bikepacking bike, that I can also use for commuting, including in our cold and icy winters here in...
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