Boardman Bikes Premium?

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Just been on the Boarman bikes site and wonder what happened to all the premium range they used to have ie those marked with a 9.0 onwards?


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Looks to have died along with Cycle Republic and the Boardman performance centre. Not profitable enough and they probably realised cyclists won’t spend £2k on a bike from Halfords


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Boardman are a bit like Planet X and Ribble(+others I imagine), they bumble along through life and every so often have an inspired moment, releasing a legendary frameset/build then largely disappear.

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Halfords, in common with the supermarkets, are very keen on having a brand hierarchy in their marketing.

In your local supermarket, their may be a basic value tin of beans, an own brand tin, Heinz, and at the top, an organic or premium brand tin.

In the case of Halfords' bikes, it is Apollo, Carrera, Boardman, and premium Boardman.


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But because it’s more accessible the brand can never rise above it‘s image and that was the problem for Halfords as @Moodyman correctly says and pushing it up the premium hill was just never going to work.

Having Apollo, which are complete dross, and Boardman as own brands means Boardman are always going to suffer by association.
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