1. D

    SOLD: Boardman CX Comp 2014

    Selling for son who has gone off to the USA for a few years. Very good condition apart from needing new bar end plugs. Sora 9-speed, 59.5 cm frame, used only sparingly for occasional commutes to work and a few longer rides. Helmet, gloves, computer, cable lock, frame bag thrown in. £200...
  2. DooDah

    Exchange: Boardman road bike for gravel bike or hybrid or mountain bike

    Hi All, I have a medium Boardman Race that has been updraded to Shimano 105 and Continental 4 seasons tyres. I bought this new as a winter bike, but it has only seen about 200km as I quickly decided I do not enjoy winter riding on roads. I have used it on a turbo for maybe another 200km, but...
  3. K

    Thoughts on Boardman bikes

    Hi All, I would like to post like 2 treads in one. The first one is what is your thoughts on Boardman bikes? Especially the adventure series, ADV 8.9. They offer lifetime warranty on their forks and frames, so assume the frame quality suppose to be good? What is the catch as they price quite...
  4. HumpTdumpty

    Boardman Team Hybrid - Wheel/Tyres ?

    I recently acquired this beauty for free only ridden once from my cousin quote “who’s not into Bikes” my other half is going to use - I’ve swapped out saddle, fitted an adjustable stem etc - my question is wheels and tyres ? Not comfy for her I think there 18mm Rims / 28s - I’m after advice on...
  5. Acekid

    Sold...Boardman ADV 8.8 large for sale

    Hi all, thanks to just picking up my new Orro, I have to make space and sell my 2019 Boardman ADV 8.8. 55.5cm large aluminium frame with full carbon forks. Only changes from original are a rare Specialized adventure saddle and bottle cage, red anodized qr skewers, valve caps and cage bolts...
  6. S

    Boardman Mtb

    Spotted a mtb for sale, Boardman 8.8 mht 2019, anyone have experience of this model. not many reviews online and the drivetrain 1 x 11 Sram NX seems to be in scarce supply and scarily expensive.
  7. F

    Boardman 2016 CX team replacement Jockey wheel.

    Hi, Hopefully someone can kindly offer some advice. I have a Boardman CX team 2016 which has a SRAM Rival 1x11 gearing. I think SRAM call this system "X-Sync". The rear derailleur is marked as SRAM rival 1 long (exact actuation???) I have knackered my lower jockey wheel and need to replace...
  8. Lovacott

    Looking for a compromise between a £1000 Boardman SLR 8.9 road bike and a £125 Halfords Apollo MTB.

    Having done quite a few very blissful miles on the Boardman but reluctant to do the daily commute on the same bike, I'm looking to upgrade my seven year old Halfords Apollo commuting bike to a better spec. I'm happy with the geometry of the Apollo but the drive train and build quality isn't...
  9. B

    Whyte or Boardman

    Hey guys, I have kind of decided that I want to buy the "Boardman Hyb 8.8 2021", but due to no stock in UK for a while I can't buy it right now until god know how long. However I have found an alternative to it which is the "Whyte Whitechapel V2 Hybrid Bike" which seems very attractive to me...
  10. 120308

    Sold: Boardman Team Carbon road bike

    Sold: My Boardman Team Carbon road bike in outstanding condition. Frame size is Medium, (I’m 5’10”). Eff top tube = 555, Seat tube = 530, Head tube = 150, I’ve owned this bike from new and only used in summer. It’s always been dry stored in the loft over the winter months and has been unused...
  11. Lovacott

    Picked Up The New Boardman Road Bike. Not Very Happy.

    So after popping into Halfarts last Saturday to collect my bike after receiving a text telling me it was ready when it wasn't, I finally collected the bike last night. Brought it home in the car, took it inside and decided to hop onto it to check the saddle height. It was then that I discovered...
  12. Lovacott

    Took The Plunge. Bought A Boardman SLR 8.9 Carbon Road Bike.

    After 9 months of commuting on my Apollo MTB whilst ooming and arring about what to get next, I've finally taken the plunge and bought a carbon road bike. I set my mind on the Boardman a few months back as it seems the best value performance road bike available within the £1000 ceiling Cycle to...
  13. chr15b

    Mudguard Recommendations for Boardman URB

    I've decided to give a hub and carbon belt bike a try and have ordered a 2021 Boardman URB 8.8 for collection next week. I plan to start doing 30 milers as soon as it arrives in all weather conditions and would be interested to hear what mudguards people think would be a good choice for this...
  14. oldfatfool

    Boardman bibs

    Anyone any experience of boardman bib shorts? On offer at Halford tempted. Tia
  15. AliShah2020

    Working out the BCD on Boardman MHT 8.6 2021

    Hi all, I can't find what the BCD is on the website or stamped on the actual bikes crankset. It's a Shimano Deore crankset and it's 32T, looking to jump to 40T. Can you please advise what the BCD might be? Thanks very...
  16. Kernow_T

    SOLD Boardman Road Comp 55.5cm (Large). Barely used £295

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling for a pal - based in Par, Cornwall - postage no problem (my pal at the LBS will happily chuck my a box) Bar a few storage marks it's pretty much a new bike having done only a few hundred miles tops.... Rated 9/10 by cycling weekly He's going to clean the dust off and...
  17. bobsinatra

    Bikes Spokes - Boardman Road Bike

    Hi A few spokes on my back wheel have recently broke. Am I better biting the bullet and ordering a new wheel. Video attached. Cheers View:
  18. Beebo

    Chris Boardman on the ways to change the world podcast

    A very interesting listen if you’re interested in general utility cycling. You might not agree with everything he says but it’s nice to see someone with a genuine passion and national reach...
  19. Salar

    What bike is Boardman riding?

    Anyone know what bike this is?
  20. Maherees

    Boardman Bikes Premium?

    Just been on the Boarman bikes site and wonder what happened to all the premium range they used to have ie those marked with a 9.0 onwards?
  21. T

    **SOLD** Boardman Team Carbon Limited Edition - Ultegra Gears and brakes 53cm

    Selling this 53cm Boardman Team Carbon Limited Edition which has been upgraded with Shimano Ultegra 10 speed gears and brakes. All in working order and wanting for nothing, tyres are almost new. Has a few age related marks but nothing serious, still looks a stunner. Very light, fast and capable...
  22. N

    Boardman SLR 9.8 frameset - frame cable guide/stop query

    Hi, I've been planning a 'lockdown' project to rebuild a Boardman SLR 9.8 frameset - which was originally spec'd for SRAM ETap (ie wireless) with a mechanical groupset. Not sure if its because the oem build is wireless, but its missing the 3 frame inserts for gear cable stops - 2 downtube for...
  23. avecReynolds531

    Chris Boardman has sold the car report:
  24. cyberknight

    Boardman road comp refurb

    2011 road comp with alloy frame and carbon forks It was looking very tired after 9 years of riding , lots of chips , dings and the paint around the bottle cages had bubbled badly , mismatched shifters after the RH apex broke . this is what it looked like in reasonable condition
  25. M

    New chain for Boardman HYB 8.9E Mens Hybrid Electric HELP PLS

    OK Im new to this... I need a chain for above which has Shimano Deore 1 x 10 Speed. Do I buy Shimano Deore HG54 HG-X 10 Speed Chain? Because it says Shimano Deore? Or what can I / should I buy? Do I have choices? Confused.. Also do you guys always change split links or re use?? Many...
  26. Tom B

    Replacement 2x10 crankset for Boardman Team Fs

    I have a Boardman team Fs 2017. The bike is fitted with a FSA mega Exo BB and a FSA comet 38/24 crankset which I've never liked. It seems allergic to the chain and ditches it off either of the rings at every opportunity. It seems that smaller bumps cause it greater issue. It dropped probably...
  27. vickster

    *SOLD* Boardman CX Team 2014 Medium

    For sale on eBay I'll take £400 cash on collection from a CCer :okay: (as long as I can end the auction!)
  28. Levo-Lon

    A what tyre thread...for a boardman team bike

    Anyone fitted cyclocross tyres to a boardman team bike. I have 32c continental tour on it with what seems plenty of room. I was thinking a high volume tyre but what will go in. I'm after light soft pressure tubeless type of thing ...40psi touch. Bit of comfort and a bit more off road grip .
  29. P

    Anyone got a carerra crossfuse or boardman hyb 8.9e

    Can you tell me the mileage you actually get out of either bike from a full battery please .
  30. M

    boardman slr 8.6 tyre

    Can anyone advise on removing a punctured slr tyre,i cant get it off anyway shape or form with standard levers
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