1. sleuthey

    New(ish) Boardman Today

    For two weeks I have been checking eBay and Gumtree daily for a near new 1X Hybrid. This morning one came up about 80 miles away so I exploited the light traffic and collected it. Why the post? Firstly to show it off, secondly pass on my experience and thirdly ask a couple of questions: Show...
  2. M

    Boardman winter bib longs size medium

    Boardman winter bib longs size medium Used these for 4 / 5 times just to small for me. Willing to swap for three 700 x 25 inner tubes , good deal for someone . regards Mark
  3. vickster

    *SOLD* BNWT: Boardman bib shorts/tights

    Bought these on spec for a forumer but sizing no good, so will offer prior to returning Job lot only, all or nothing. Paid cash. Will come with the receipt so buyer can return if all/any no good size wise. Bib shorts, men's. Two pairs, one medium and one large Bib tights, men's large Photos...
  4. mynydd

    Converting a boardman 8.9 adv?

    Hi, further to a previous post asking for suggestions for a good ebike bike for my hilly commute, I’m beginning to think that maybe some sort of conversion of my current commuter, a boardman 8.9 adv might be an option....... certainly much cheaper. Any comments, advice or thoughts? Kits worth...
  5. gbs

    Boardman road bike/replacement for Trek Emonda

    My Trek Emonda was stolen recently and I want a replacement. The Boardman range seems to offer vg vfm. Is there any reason not to buy the SLR9.6 Disc.? I do not like the prominent branding but that is my only negative point. All thoughts re post purchase modification welcome.
  6. oldgreyandslow

    Boardman Team Carbon L, many upgrades: Price Drop £350 - Provisionally sold

    Can't believe this has had no interest. Price drop to £350 before it goes on E-Bay or Gumtree Garage clear out: 2013 Boarman Team Carbon with lots of extras/upgrades: Ultegra 10 speed shifters, rear and front mech, Shimano BB (ditched the FSA press fit) 105 crankset and brakes. Macic Cosmic...
  7. bikingdad90

    Swap Upgraded Boardman CX Comp for something smaller

    I currently ride a Boardman CX comp with a 53cm seat tube and 55cm effective top tube length, i’ve put on a shorter stem and an inline carbon seatpost but it’s just a little too stretched out for me. Im ideally looking to swap for a 51cm seat tube and 53/54 top tube to fit my 29inch inseam and...
  8. A

    5 week old Boardman TT bike for sale with extras

    Bought a Boardman ATT 9.0 TT bike and then had the opportunity to buy a argon so need to sell the boardman 5 weeks old, less than 50 miles done outdoors Comes with extras Elite bottle aero cage and bottle Rapha giro medium helmet Garmin vector power meter pedals £1000 Full spec can be...
  9. Levo-Lon

    Boardman bike No longer available

    Decided to sell this. Now £275 Like new, with sks mudguards and conti tour tyres. Suit 5'4" to 5'8" 2x10 tiagra fsa mix Its got a 44-34 fitted 11-32 rear with the 50 chainwheel with it. Slightly wider bars fitted plus narrow originals. Very light use as i got it for commute but it is second...
  10. Kevincycle

    My new Boardman MTX 8.8

    New bike day.
  11. L

    Boardman Team Carbon 105 Men's Road Bike - 2017 - Limited Edition

    Anyone need a new bike I found this: For the price, this is a bargain!
  12. Cycleops

    New Boardman Ebikes

    New range of e-bikes by Boardman;
  13. oldgreyandslow

    Decisions/decisions Boardman 9.8 disc or Synapse

    I know these are both ludicrously expensive. Wheelbase have the Synapse Hi Mod etap red at a reduced price Which seems a comparable spec and price to the Boardman SLR 9.8 disc...
  14. gareth01244

    Boardman comp fi road bike

    I have been asked to list my wife's road bike, it was bought new with the idea being that she would be able to use it to join a friend on rides. This never happened and as such the bike has covered no more than 100 miles so it's time to sell it on. It's a 52cm top tube and is sized as a medium...
  15. Kernow_T

    Sorted!!!: Boardman pivot bolt

    Thanks in advance
  16. Kernow_T

    *SORTED* Anyone got a Boardman pivot bolt?

    Please pretty please? Many thanks in advance (will also post on wanted) Cheers
  17. Whorty

    Boardman AiR 9.8

    I know there is a 'Boardman' thread already but wanted to ask a specific question on the AiR 9.8 On paper it looks like an absolute killer aero bike for the price, even has Zipp wheels and Red etap gears. I'm looking at getting an aero bike at some stage and wondered if anyone has one of these...
  18. Z

    Boardman Team Comp Hybrid SOLD

    Boardman hybrid bike in excellent condition. 2014 model bought in late 2015. The bike benefits from a pair of hand built wheels by Harry Rowland. Shimano Deore hubs , with Ryde Sputnik rims laced with Sapim race spokes giving smooth, yet bombproof wheels. Fitted with Schwalbe Durano Plus tyres...
  19. D

    c2w commuter bike - Boardman adv 8.9 vs triban 520 or something else?

    Looking for something on the c2w scheme. I have to stick to the named suppliers and am looking at £800 max spend. Current steed is a £200 Halfords TDF but recent knee issues means I need to look to cycling to try to keep the middle aged spread at bay. I currently do 13 miles (return) most...
  20. L

    Is Boardman SLR 8.6 worth the price tag ?

    Hi all I previously posted about Boardman carbon road bike, unfortunately, I waited one day too long and missed out on it :sad: very gutted. I now found this one with the discount It would cost me £440. Unless I find another gem bike, anything decent for under £600. Otherwise, this will be...
  21. F

    buying a spare wheel

    HI Im looking to buy a cheap spare wheel for use with a turbo trainer, I have a 2014 Boardman cx comp and its listed as having 700c mavic xm319 wheels. I've searched all normal channels but there are so many options I dont want to buy one that wont fit, some people specify the internal width...
  22. AyJay

    Boardman........ Love or hate?

    There seems to be large differences of opinion regarding these bikes. Me, l love them. Just bought this...…...
  23. Scaleyback

    SOLD: Boardman Adventure 8.9 (medium)

    I took delivery of the Orbea Gain this week, (see this thread) so I have this excellent Boardman for sale. This is the bike I purchased this super bike new on 02 may...
  24. T

    First boardman road bike.

    Hi all. Been wanting a new road bike for a while. Looking at boardmans and Cannondales. The one I wanted I didn’t like the colour so back looking at boardmans again. Been deciding between the 8.8 asr and the 8.8adv. Will be used mainly on road but will get out more lanes and paths in the...
  25. P

    Boardman CXR vs ADV vs Giant Toughroad SLR 0

    Looking for a new commuter, with some off-roading. I like the idea of 1x11 so am tempted by the CXR 8.9 and the SLR 0. Can't see any difference in the spec, apart from the tyres (tubeless on the Giant) and the Boardman colour scheme that only a mother could love. Is the Boardman a better buy at...
  26. Cycleops

    New Boardman SLR and Air Bikes.

    Thought some of you Boardman fans on here might be interested in these new ranges;
  27. Sixmile

    Boardman Elite URB 8.9

    I was in my local Halfords on Saturday, basically just to let the kids rip about on the bikes inside for a while. I got talking to one of the staff members about bikes. I wasn't necessarily looking anything but with our recent announcement in work that we've joined the Cycle 2 Work scheme, my...
  28. mynydd

    Boardman ADV 8.9 Opinions?

    Hi I'm just about to buy one of these via cyclescheme Any opinions, or other suggestions I should look at? I definitely want hydraulic disks, my commute is very mixed, with some very muddy tracks. And a lot of...
  29. bikingdad90

    Boardman CX Comp 2017 small (53cm seat tube)

    I am selling my 2017 Boardman CX Comp with various upgrades. The top tube at 55.5cm is just a tad too long for me even with a 80mm stem. I'm 5ft 7 but have a short 29inch leg so it is a big stretch. I don't commute anymore my bike so it doesn't have much use. Looking to get a smaller...
  30. Milzy

    Boardman thermal jersey

    After loosing weight on Zwift I’m in all size S jerseys. I have this beauty brand new with tags in size m. It’s a lovely long sleeved jersey. £18 in p&p
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