1. L

    Is Boardman SLR 8.6 worth the price tag ?

    Hi all I previously posted about Boardman carbon road bike, unfortunately, I waited one day too long and missed out on it :sad: very gutted. I now found this one with the discount It would cost me £440. Unless I find another gem bike, anything decent for under £600. Otherwise, this will be...
  2. F

    buying a spare wheel

    HI Im looking to buy a cheap spare wheel for use with a turbo trainer, I have a 2014 Boardman cx comp and its listed as having 700c mavic xm319 wheels. I've searched all normal channels but there are so many options I dont want to buy one that wont fit, some people specify the internal width...
  3. AyJay

    Boardman........ Love or hate?

    There seems to be large differences of opinion regarding these bikes. Me, l love them. Just bought this...…...
  4. Scaleyback

    SOLD: Boardman Adventure 8.9 (medium)

    I took delivery of the Orbea Gain this week, (see this thread) so I have this excellent Boardman for sale. This is the bike I purchased this super bike new on 02 may...
  5. T

    First boardman road bike.

    Hi all. Been wanting a new road bike for a while. Looking at boardmans and Cannondales. The one I wanted I didn’t like the colour so back looking at boardmans again. Been deciding between the 8.8 asr and the 8.8adv. Will be used mainly on road but will get out more lanes and paths in the...
  6. P

    Boardman CXR vs ADV vs Giant Toughroad SLR 0

    Looking for a new commuter, with some off-roading. I like the idea of 1x11 so am tempted by the CXR 8.9 and the SLR 0. Can't see any difference in the spec, apart from the tyres (tubeless on the Giant) and the Boardman colour scheme that only a mother could love. Is the Boardman a better buy at...
  7. Cycleops

    New Boardman SLR and Air Bikes.

    Thought some of you Boardman fans on here might be interested in these new ranges;
  8. Sixmile

    Boardman Elite URB 8.9

    I was in my local Halfords on Saturday, basically just to let the kids rip about on the bikes inside for a while. I got talking to one of the staff members about bikes. I wasn't necessarily looking anything but with our recent announcement in work that we've joined the Cycle 2 Work scheme, my...
  9. mynydd

    Boardman ADV 8.9 Opinions?

    Hi I'm just about to buy one of these via cyclescheme Any opinions, or other suggestions I should look at? I definitely want hydraulic disks, my commute is very mixed, with some very muddy tracks. And a lot of...
  10. bikingdad90

    Boardman CX Comp 2017 small (53cm seat tube)

    I am selling my 2017 Boardman CX Comp with various upgrades. The top tube at 55.5cm is just a tad too long for me even with a 80mm stem. I'm 5ft 7 but have a short 29inch leg so it is a big stretch. I don't commute anymore my bike so it doesn't have much use. Looking to get a smaller...
  11. Milzy

    Boardman thermal jersey

    After loosing weight on Zwift I’m in all size S jerseys. I have this beauty brand new with tags in size m. It’s a lovely long sleeved jersey. £18 in p&p
  12. fixedfixer

    (Sold) Boardman CX Large Frame.

    Boardman CX For Sale. This is a large frame (5’ 10” – 6’ 3”). Frame - lightweight triple butted aluminium with carbon fibre forks Gears - (20 speed) Shimano Tiagra Shifters 105 and Tiagra derailleurs. Crankset – Shimano 105 50/33 Brakes – Avid BB7 disc (extra levers on top of bars) Wheels –...
  13. fixedfixer

    Boardman Hybrid Pro (Sold)

    This is a straight bar Road Bike / Hybrid. As can be seen in the photos the bike is in as new condition and has been well maintained. Frame size is large (5’ 10” – 6’ 3”) Frame: Triple butted Superlight Alloy. Fork: Carbon. Gears: 10 speed, SRAM X9 Double tap shifters. Crank set: Shimano...
  14. X

    Boardman Road Team Pedals (Look Keo compatible)

    Used pair of Boardman Road Team clipless pedals, these are compatible with Look Keo cleats. The pedals are made with an aluminium body and Cr-Mo spindle, so the body should last longer than those with a resin/plastic body plate and/or body. Also features a release tension adjuster like those on...
  15. MrGrumpy

    Boardman Gravel bike

    Was having a nose in my local Halfords and was looking at the latest boardmans . Spotted this burnt orange coloured gravel bike . Have to say quite light and very smart looking and right on the money for c2w etc . A gravel bike is on my n+1 list ;-)
  16. Darren Jeffrey

    New brakes for Boardman CX Comp

    Hi, new to disc brakes and my Boardman came with "Tektro Lyra mechanical road disc brakes". To be polite they are a heap of sh!te so was wondering if anyone could recommend an upgrade?
  17. Butcherf1988

    Canal towpaths/gravel/grass and MTX bikes - Boardman MTX 8.6

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has an MTX bike? What is the difference between that and a hybrid bike? Additionally, does anyone know if the Boardman MTX 8.6 is any good and if it would cope with cycling along canal towpaths, and the odd bit of grass and gravel? I don't really want a...
  18. Sunny Portrush

    Boardman CX Comp

    Hi all, A friend has a Boardman CX Comp for sale and I`m sorely tempted as I know he bought it for a charity ride, hated cycling and has ridden it since - he is a bit strange lol I do have a question about the tyres though. The bike comes equipped with Schwalbe Tyrago w/ Kevlar Guard (700 x...
  19. Pedropete

    **REDUCED** Boardman CX Team frameset, incl. bars, stem, seatpost, saddle...

    Available again due to two non-paying ebay bidders. Lots of pics here: 2016 Boardman CX Team frameset, 55.5cm (size L) - incl. bars, stem, saddle, seatpost, heasdset and other bits... Decent condition other than a bit of cable rub, a chip to the...
  20. wisdom

    Boardman cx tektro lyra disk brake

    Hi all. Just a maintainance question regarding tektro lyra disk pads.The background to the question is. My neighbour bought the bike new 2 yrs ago.It has never ever had any maintainance despite my offers. Now the brake levers are touching the handlebars when applied.It does stop however.Can you...
  21. Butcherf1988

    Mud guards for Boardman Womens Hybrid bike

    Hi, I currently have a Pembleton Brooke hybrid bike and the mud guards are not particularly good and cannot cope well with winds, or occasional bumps on the country roads I frequently cycle along in the Aylesbury Vale area. I created a post last week regarding upgrading my bike and have decided...
  22. K

    Boardman FI Road sport 2014 52.5cm

    My other half’s Boardman is for sale. It has a Claris groupset and is an ideal starter bike. She is 5’8 inch and fits her fine I would imagine the suitable range would be 5’7- 5’11 it has a few minor cosmetic marks. It will be serviced by myself prior to sale and new bar tape fitted. The bike...
  23. goodgabba

    Beginner Gear Cable Questions

    Hi all. I just got a new (to me) Cyclocross bike and have some questions regarding gear cables, namely for the front derailleur. Do i need to by specific cables/housings for this bike or do they sell 'universal' ones? What's the plastic guard that routes the cables under the Bottom Bracket...
  24. Rooster1

    Design your Boardman

    Nice little online colour chooser for your new Boardman...
  25. Maherees

    Boardman 29er - Wheel Upgrade?

    Hi all, I have a Boardman 29 er, 2015 model, which I love and fits me perfectly but I feel I could get a little better speed with a wheel upgrade. I do not have a clue where to start except the bike cost £900 I probably do not want to spend a huge fortune. Most gratefully for any advice. thanks
  26. Doyleyburger

    2017 Boardman SLR 9.4 di2

    9.4 SLR endurance Di2 , medium Excellent condition. The frame is pretty much mint. Ultegra 11 speed di2 Standard stock Boardman elite wheels with Vittoria Corsa 25c tyres Around 700 road miles on the bike, all other miles have been on the trainer. Selle Italia Nova saddle 40cm bars Fast and...
  27. Jon George

    2014 Boardman Road Team Carbon 51.5cm

    This is a friend's bike (his girlfriend's previous partner bought it new and only rode about 150 miles on it). I have no idea how much it is worth, but if anyone is interested, I can put you in touch with the seller. He lives in Ipswich.
  28. cosmicbike

    Boardman CX Team BB Compatability

    I'm now fed up with the creaking from my SRAM PF30 bottom bracket. The rest of the bike is faultless, and after 8200 miles I figure it owes me nowt, so I want to get rid of the PF30. My current thinking is to use a Wheels Manufacturing BB which from what I can find will fit (the BB shell has a...
  29. AyJay

    Boardman Comp MTB

    Just picked up a Boardman Comp MTB. It is used and needs a bit of TLC but at the price I paid I am very happy. Frame is in good condition as are the wheels and tyres. Some bearings may need attention! Going back to my roots. Still have the Boardman road bike but Mountain Biking is where I...
  30. Levo-Lon

    No longer for sale

    Selling this mint bike as i use my road bike for commuting. I bought it new last August for work but after upgrading my road bike its just unused. The bike will be as per photo with mud guards and saddle bag. It has 2 choices of large chainwheel standard 52-34 or you can have 46-34 Its as new...
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