1. jwarwick

    Raleigh RX Comp, Merida CX 500 or a Boardman CX...

    Hi everyone, back again... ^_^ So, due to life commitments this year, I've missed the boat on a 2014 Boardman CX Comp :cry:. Happily, this has also led to a budget boost of around £300, so I'm now looking around the £800 range :tongue:. Because of the type of riding I'd now like to do (road...
  2. C

    Stolen - Boardman MX Sport - Preston, Lancs

    My son had his pride and joy stolen today from Fishergate, Preston. It's a black Boardman MX Sport with white front forks and a gel seat. The police have opened and closed the case and say that cctv isn't monitored. Any advice or sightings appreciated, thanks.
  3. loveandpeace1

    Boardman Cx

    A real long shot here. Boardmax cx frame. Must be the 2014 model. Like this 50cm. All the best Max
  4. Mad Doug Biker

    Carol Boardman

    Chris Boardman's mum has died after being hit by a car whilst out cycling I hope @deptfordmarmoset doesn't mind me reposting this here:
  5. E

    Boardman CX Comp with Various Upgrades - Price Reduced

    Purchased towards the tail end of 2014 and used as a daily commuter over the winter before being put away in about May 2015. Hasn't been used more than half a dozen times since so seems a waste to have it sitting around when someone could be using it. I'm not 100% sure of the frame size, I think...
  6. M

    Boardman team carbon 2014 advice

    I am just seeing what the views are on this bike? I can get the 53cm (I am 5"7) one for £600 without the rear wheel and cassette etc or I could get it with a different wheel all fitted for £700. Just looking for peoples views on this bike and what will be the most cost effective way. I also get...
  7. Nitram55

    SOLD Boardman hybrid sport 2014

    Boardman hybrid sport 2014 (size M) Now Sold In good working order with the usual scratches/marks etc from use, I fitted new Schwalbe Smart Sam 35c tyres last week only used twice, Ideal for road and tow paths etc. I also recently changed the rear derailleur to a Shimano Sora and fitted a...
  8. ska1903

    2009 Boardman Team Headset

    Hi All, I have recently inherited a 2009 Boardman Team aluminium ( for free and after giving it a once over the headset was in need of a clean and regrease. Encountered a problem though, when I dropped...
  9. sir adrian dangerous

    Boardman bag for a tenner

    Just bought this bag for a tenner. If it was full price (23.99 ) I wouldn't have given it a second look but a tenner, can't fault it. 8 litres storage for 10 quid
  10. mark st1

    Boardman Hybrid Comp

    Frame size is Medium taken pictures of the worst of the frame got some other chips and dirt stains on it but will do someone a good turn. I've cleaned it up a bit but I would suggest giving it a once over by a semi competent bike mechanic as its been sat in my shed doing nothing for 18 months...
  11. NeilT21

    2 bikes for sale - Boardman Comp and Saracen AWOL

    I have now bought a hybrid bike and and ready to thin out my bikes to make room for it. Two for sale, a Boardman Comp and a Saracen AWOL MTB. I don't know what size either are, but I am 5'7" and the bikes as pictured are set up for my height (hopefully that should give you a good idea...
  12. U

    Boardman Hybrid Bike Pro?

    As I am in the process of recovering from a wrist fracture and currently have virtually nothing in the way of Ulnar Deviation and Radial Deviation nor Supination and Pronation movement I have decided it has ruled me out of riding my drop bar bikes for a while as I, from previous experience, find...
  13. park1

    Opinions on Boardman CX Team?

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience on the 2016 Boardman CX Team? I have a weekend road bike so this would be for commuting and a bit of gravel trail type riding (nothing too off the beaten path). I like the idea of a 1x system for pure simplicity. I'm not planning on doing any long...
  14. cyberknight

    Boardman road comp 2012 till present day

    I am restating this thread as it seems my original photos have been "lost " by the file host and to remove non related posts . Stock photo from the shop Model Year: 2012 Material: Lightweight alloy triple butted, full smooth welding with mudguard clearance External cable routing (internal...
  15. biggs682

    2014 Boardman Road Sport Ltd Edition 53cm Low miles SOLD

    For Sale 2014 Boardman Road Sport Ltd Edition 53cm size frame and has only covered 38 miles since supply date 04/07/15 so very lightly used indeed . Finished in nice shiny black with contrasting yellow trim and decals , only 1 mark on RHS Fork blade as shown in pictures otherwise just dusty...
  16. biggs682

    Boardman cx 2014 SOLD

    A friend of mine is selling a very lightly used 2014 Boardman Cx comp Frame size is 53cm , 18 speed 11-32 sora gearing ,Original low mileage 37mm shawabe tyres as he swapped them for Gatorskins straight away . Disc brakes for safe reliable stopping . This really has had an easy life so grab a...
  17. M

    Boardman carbon

    im looking at selling my boardman team carbon bike, mint condition only used few times, just can't get on with it prefer my hybrid, anyone fancy a sensible offer to through my way, I'm in Rochester Kent, can come to some arrangement of postage or delivery
  18. IBarrett

    New Boardman padded shorts - anyone else had issues?

    Evening all. I got someone to get me some new Boardman padded shorts for Christmas - see link below - because I already had a pair and they were comfortable so I thought I'd stick with what I know. I wore them for the first time yesterday and they flaming crucified me. The padding seems much...
  19. cyberknight

    Rear brake cable replacement on a boardman ?

    Has anyone any experience of recalbing a rear internally threaded rear brake on a baordman ? Im thinking of changing the shifters /mech to 105 10 speed but i dont know if its a really fiddly job ?
  20. Truth

    Boardman Waterproof Jacket

    Morning all, On sale at Halfords at £25, £22.50 with BC discount. Are they any good? Cheers
  21. RyanW

    Commuter Choice - Boardman MX or Btwin rockrider 540

    Hello, Just another what bike thread! I have done some looking and narrowed it down to there two options (I'm open to other suggestions though) I have £300~ to spend and need something for a 5-10 mile commute (each way) there are some tracks / slight off road so decided something with a front...
  22. The Jogger

    Boardman CX Brake Play

    On the top levers of my Boardman CX there is a lot of play in them, the normal levers are fairly sharp. I hope this makes sense. How do I tighten up the loose levers.
  23. Heisenberg71

    Boardman re-branding and new range of bikes

    I ride the Boardman SLR 9.4 elite, and love it. However it looks like they have taken the new range and the brand to another level. IMO these bikes look very nice. Howevever what do you think? View:
  24. S

    2015 Boardman Sportbike Ltd Edition

    Haven't been out much recently due to weather and commitments so got the bike out today, clean, polish and photo session.
  25. MrGrumpy

    Boardman CX Team

    Ok this could have gone in the commuting forum i suspect, is this a decent CX bike ? Right now it could be had for well under the £600 mark with maybe a wheel upgrade it could be a damn site lighter! Thoughts on it ? Looking at C2W so could go all the way to a grand? Seems from all my googling...
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