Converting a boardman 8.9 adv?


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Hi, further to a previous post asking for suggestions for a good ebike bike for my hilly commute, I’m beginning to think that maybe some sort of conversion of my current commuter, a boardman 8.9 adv might be an option....... certainly much cheaper.
Any comments, advice or thoughts? Kits worth considering etc.
I’m fairly competent and do all my own maintenance etc.


Your options for a powerful crank motor are Bafang or Tongscheng TSDZ2.

The Bafang is a pedal drive, the TSD is torque, so responds to actual power produced by rider-more natural riding feel.

I bought my kit from here- custom firmware.

I bought my battery from DHGate website.

TSD Kit+ battery £750 . You can use dual chainring on TSDZ2 usually, so possible to keep existing setup

Range on wife's bike- easily 100 miles on flat terrain.
Buy a 80/90/100% charger with kit so you can keep battery in good condition, extending life

This is my wife's bike with above items fitted
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