Boardman road bike/replacement for Trek Emonda


My Trek Emonda was stolen recently and I want a replacement. The Boardman range seems to offer vg vfm. Is there any reason not to buy the SLR9.6 Disc.?

I do not like the prominent branding but that is my only negative point. All thoughts re post purchase modification welcome.


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I can't comment on spec and if its a suitable replacement.

I have a Trek and have just agreed to buy a Boardman where the branding is very prominent. I think if you like the way the bike rides you will probably learn to overlook the branding.


Don't see it when you are riding. And if you get it really dirty you can't see it off the bike either.

My thoughts are the same as @DSK try the bike and see how it rides, if you have a smile on your face at then end then the decision is really simple. In terms of value for money the Boardman bikes are pretty good and well specced and I don't know anyone who regrets buying one (sample size: small).
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