1. Timtrain

    Trek bottom bracket.

    I have a 2017 Trek Domane S5 with a very creaky bottom bracket. What in the forums opinion would be a suitable replacement?
  2. Kestevan

    Trek Emonda for Sale - SOLD

    Trek Emonda S6 Ultegra (2016 model, but bought in 2017). Trek 300 carbon frame, size 58 (suit someone 5'11 - 6'3) in Gloss black and Viper red. Shimano Ultegra 11 speed (6800). The rear mech has been changed to a GS cage, and a wider 11-32 cassette fitted for the lakeland hills last year. I...
  3. S

    Trek Domane 4.0 - Now sold

    Trek Domane 4.0 for sale. Upgrades include full 11 speed 5800 105 groupset and Fulcrum racing sport wheels. Continental GP 4000 tyres fitted with low usage. Summer use only , chain and cassette 500 miles old , very little use in the last two years. Comfortable endurance type geometry suitable...
  4. Dan Ferris

    Trek MTB Size Guide

    Hi All a quick question on Trek MTB sizing. I'm 5"5 and looking through the website it looks like both Small and Medium frames would suit. Unfortunatly with the current restrictions i'm unable to go and try but my desire to purchase is getting stronger. I was wondering whether anyone else of...
  5. anothersam

    Best Star Trek characters

    For someone who’s not a big fan, I’ve watched an awful lot of Star Trek. Not sure I have a favourite… Quark from DS9 would be on my list of those who are fun to watch, which makes sense, as he was cast as comic relief. I also liked Michael on Discovery, though lost interest in the series...
  6. anothersam

    Worst Star Trek character

    My pick: Deanna Troi, famed counsellor to the stars, never struck me as having any real empathic skills. I’m calling BS on her at long last.
  7. Gravity Aided

    Another 531 Trek from 1986

    This Trek 400 Elance will make a nice stablemate to the 1985 600 series Trek I already have. Both are butted 531 on the mauin tubes, with Cr-Mo forks and rear triangle, all made in the Waterloo Wisconsin factory. Some Treks of this period had the rear triangle made in Japan, but they have a dart...
  8. EltonFrog

    Cinelli or Trek or ....?

    Possible N+1 The Fragrant MrsP and I are cycling to Paris in September along the Avenue Verte and I’m considering the matter of buying a new bike for the journey and others yet to come. The Cinelli has caught my eye , about 750 quid from Spa. And I’m also rather taken by this Trek 520...
  9. BrumJim

    Trek Segafredo Trolling Ineos?

    I know they are a foreign team, and are unlikely to win as they haven't spent billions buying up any half decent rider, but I think I'm changing my allegance to Trek Segafredo: Recycled Jerseys Just hope Ineos get sabotaged by some very annoyed aquatic life.
  10. Crankarm

    Any one lost a grey Trek Domane?

    This Ebay ad struck me as very dodgy...
  11. Levo-Lon

    E-bike Trek Powerfly5 superb Sold

    Selling my Trek with a £1000 of upgrades included. Brilliant fun E-bike with bosch 500w battery - motor. Comes with new forks "air" to replace the horrible original heavy coil lumps. New mavic elite wheels, light and wide. New tubeless tyres plus spare tyres 11 speed XT-SLX mix upgrade. Old...
  12. biggs682

    58cm Trek Alpha 1000 SOLD

    Trex Alpha 1000 road bike that would be an ideal winter or commuting bike . Alloy frame and steel forks so comfortable ride . Not bad condition in all fairness some age related mark's but nothing drastic . Some damage to rear rim but doesn't effect performance of brakes . 3x8 Sora gearing...
  13. gbs

    Boardman road bike/replacement for Trek Emonda

    My Trek Emonda was stolen recently and I want a replacement. The Boardman range seems to offer vg vfm. Is there any reason not to buy the SLR9.6 Disc.? I do not like the prominent branding but that is my only negative point. All thoughts re post purchase modification welcome.
  14. tiras25

    ID Trek bike please

    Can someone ID year for this Trek bike and model please?
  15. DSK

    Trek Alpha - Is it OK to get 25 tyres instead of original 23?

    Apologies if this has been covered but I did not find what I was looking for via a Google search and I'm new so apologies if this in the wrong section. After a maiden ride on my (new to me) second hand Trek Alpha 2.3, I had a quick look at the tyres and could see signs of potential previous...
  16. Elybazza61

    Trek Multitrack size 19" (made in USA)

    Another bike for sale to thin out the fleet and make more space. Made in USA Trek Multitrack 730 19" seat tube c-t,21" top tube c-c. True Temper OX cro-moly. Currently with Sora 9-speed X 2 gearset and LX cant brakes. Rack,bar bag and panniers not included although can add the rack for a bit...
  17. Gixxerman

    Trek 8500 2009 fork service

    My forks have started to make a sucking sound on rebound. I assume that the seals have started to leak a bit. There is no oil on the stanchions though. I expect that they need new seals and oil. Trouble is, I am having trouble trying to locate the correct service kit as I do not know the exact...
  18. DCBassman

    Trek 800 Sport - further changes

    Once my arm starts working a bit better, it will be time to do the final tweaks to this, the only even half-decent bike I've owned from new. Simplest bit is to swap the tyres for tanwall versions. The black ones will swap onto the Claud Butler. Next, do some bar and stem swapping, which will...
  19. D

    Trek 58cm H2 roadbike - sorted!

    Hi all Looking for a decent road bike, budget flexible upto circa £1.5k. H2 frame a must as it’s comfortable enough for me despite having various age related sore bits, I’m flexible on just about everything else! I’m in Edinburgh effectively, can travel but happy to have the right bike...
  20. Cycleops

    Trek One Hybrid Info Reqd

    I'm trying to find out some information about this bike which I have found here for sale. Think it's from the US. Seller's not much help.
  21. vickster

    Trek flatbar dog basket

    A couple of friends of mine are looking at these on C2W as my suggestions (best Evans have for their £600 budget) and have asked me if it can take a basket on the front for a 7kg mini pooch to sit in. Anyone know?
  22. Polocini

    Now sold mods please delete. Thanks

    Now sold. As always thanks to the site and moderators. Cheers AL Size 50 cm. One scratch on top tube pictured. As per the standard spec except pro logo nago evo saddle. Price drop to £350 Geometry in this link:
  23. Kvasir

    Trek Domane SL7 Disc

    I am new to this forum and hoping that this is the proper area to post a review of my brand new Trek Domane SL7. Today was the first day where the weather was warm enough to get out for a ride. It also is my very first day on my Domane! So, here goes, if you’re interested... The SL 7 lives up...
  24. B

    Ladies Trek Lexa SL road bike.

    Very light aluminium 54cm frame with carbon forks and all Tiagra running gear. All in very good con dition and working as it should. Maybe able to help with delivery. £185
  25. gazza81

    Trek fx2 or similar

    Hi guys im just starting out again after a few yrs not riding,didnt do much to start with to be fair haha Ive been recommended a trek 7.2fx as a decent all rounder. Where i live is alot of country lanes and potholes so not sure too skinny tyre will be good. I like the hybrid style as ive had...
  26. BlueFox

    Trek 7500 mountain bike (14" frame) low mileage £150

    I'm selling my Trek 4500 mountain bike (14" frame) as I've hardly used it in recent years. It has Rockshox front suspension, Deore rear deraileur and Alivio front deraileur. It is in very good condition, low mileage and has always been stored under cover. Photos can be found here...
  27. BluesDave

    Trek 1000 series.

    Hello, I got a Trek 1000 Apollo Series aluminium road bike off Freecycle last week. It's a bit like this one ...
  28. EltonFrog

    Trek Madone 3.5 headset replacement.

    I would like to change my headset on the above bike, I've done the bearings once before so I know how, but I want to change it to a Chris King headset but I do no know which one to order. Can anyone advise please? Apparently it's an Integrated, cartridge bearings, sealed, alloy, 1-1/8" top...
  29. roadrash

    Ive been given a free TREK SLR 6500 series 6

    As above, I was given it by a near neighbour ,I have no idea of its age/or when they was sold, its been outside for 2 months but doesn't seem to have suffered much,im going to give it a clean, fit new cables, brake noodles and chain and it will be good to go. it has a basic manitou slate fork...
  30. biggs682

    2011 58cm Trek Alpha 1.2 lightly used SOLD

    A 2011 Trek Alpha 1.2 that has spent most of it's life either on a turbo trainer or sat gathering dust in garages & sheds according to it's previous owners wife . Nice clean white paintwork with contrasting decals . And looking at it i would say she was true . Full std spec as per...
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