1. Rando

    For Sale - Trek Domane SL 60cm £2000 ono

    Trek Domane SL - 60cm Frame Set is brand new as it is a warranty replacement for my Domane 5.2 Trek Domane SL - the Frame set is brand new as it was a warranty replacement for a Domane 5.2. The groupset and wheels and other bits have been transferred from the 5.2 Shimano Ultegra crank set...
  2. SpokeyDokey

    Trek (Bontrager) tubeless set-up.

    I have a Trek Domane ALR5 Disc with TLR (tubeless ready wheels). I like the idea of Trek's rim strip inserts instead of tape...
  3. D

    Trek FX 7.2 sizing

    Hi, I'm interested in a Trek FX 7.2 hyrbid bike. Going by the size guide, at 6' 4" and with a 35 inch inseam, I would need the 22.5 inch frame. I see there is a 25 inch frame aimed at people 6' 6" and above. I'm just wondering if someone of 6' 4" should go for the 25 inch frame? I intend to put...
  4. Midsrider

    Pedals for Trek DS2 help with legal regulations.

    Hi all, I recently bought a Trek DS2 and as with most bikes, the pedals are just ok but not great. I was just going to order the much better Bontrager pedals in the same colour as my bike when I read about the law that riding a bike when it gets dark must have reflectors on. now I will not be...
  5. Tripster

    Trek Domane AL2 Disc

    Couple of these in showroom today and caught my eye as I was collecting some new pedals. I thought they where the much higher end Domane, lovely thick blue paint and smart looking frame. Nearly fell over when looked at tag.....Domane AL2 £800
  6. Drago

    CycleChat Investigates - Star Trek

    Who is the best Star Trek character, and why? Once again, the thinkers and philosophers of Cyclechat must do their duty to settle the pressing question of the day.
  7. Distorted Vision

    Specialized Tarmac SL6 vs Trek Domane SL5

    I've changed my mind again and now looking at these road bikes: Specialized Tarmac SL6 - RRP: £2750 Trek Domane SL5 - RRP: £2550...
  8. Distorted Vision

    Trek Madone SLR 7

    I'm thinking of buying this road bike: My local Trek store has one in a frame my size so thinking of buying it today. Unless anyone has any other recommendations I should...
  9. oreo_muncher

    How to convert Trek AL2 domane for touring?

    If I was to go touring with my bike, how can I convert it to a touring bike, since realistically I won't buy a new touring bike?
  10. Shropshire65LW

    Trek dual sport 8.6 G.F edition

    On the hunt for a nice hybrid as near mint as I can find one the one that seems to be coming top is the discontinued Gary Fisher edition trek dual sport 8.6 any other recommendations I’ll gladly look at but I’ve done a lot of research whyte C7 is a close second
  11. Tripster

    Trek Emonda Sl6 disc

    About to decide on a Condor build as per one of my other threads but a few months ago when I was originally looking at a new bike I liked the Emondas as an off the peg Carbon bike. I have the chance of one an SL6. Anyone have one and thoughts as a year round bike, also I am 5ft 10” and looking...
  12. H

    trek VS rockrider (btwin)

    trek VS rockrider (btwin) which one to buy and why ? i need advice to choose long time no bike available or my size out of stock
  13. C

    Bar ends and Mirrycle mirror on Trek FX 3

    Hi, anyone put both bar ends and a bar end (Mirrycle) mirror on a Trek FX 3 or any Trek with a Isozone grips? I just bought and installed the Mirrycle mirror with the Isozone adapter on my bike while I wait for the bar ends to arrive at the store. But I just watched a video about installing the...
  14. Cycleops

    Old Trek Mountain Bike revival.

    I appear to be on a bit of a roll with old Treks at the moment. I found this at the same place I got the Trek road bike. It was in a bit of a state but I figured I could do a decent restoration. Cost was £12 this time as the guy said it had both wheels. I’m going to find a rigid fork to...
  15. Cycleops

    Old Trek SL revival.

    Sorry I didn't have the forethought to to take some before pics but this is the end result. I saw the bike abandoned beneath s heap of others at a local cycle dealer/repairer. All there except for the rear wheel. The guy wanted 60cedis (about £7.50) for it. After pulling all the other bikes off...
  16. T

    CAAD13 105 vs Trek ALR 105

    Hello folks, I am still on the hunt for a road bike. Now instead of comparing Trek ALR5 with Trek SL5 I want to consider between Trek ALR5 and CAAD13 since both have disc frame. am I doing the right choice? or the TRek SL5 still a good option than the ALR5 & CAAD13...
  17. T

    *SOLD* Trek Domane 2.0 C, 52cm, Tiagra 20 speed Groupset

    Trek Domane 2.0 C, 52cm, Tiagra 20 speed Groupset. Very nice tidy frame with just very minor paint blemishes here and there, although there is a chip on the drive side seat stay (pictured). Full Tiagra 20 speed groupset which has a few marks but nothing to detract from the overall appearance...
  18. Gixxerman

    2009 Trek 7.3 FX - Convert to disc worth the cost and hassle?

    I have a 2009 Trek 7.3 FX. It is in great condition so I reluctant to sell it. The issue is that I have converted it to a sort of tourer (rack, full mudguards etc.) for light touring (one man tent, one tail pack and 2 rear panniers only). It is fine as it is apart from I'd like it to have disc...
  19. Gixxerman

    Finding the correct brake pads - 2009 Trek 8500

    I am looking for some new brake pads for my Trek 8500 (2009). I have looked on the caliper for some type / part numbers and cannot see any. The Trek archive is no use as it just lists the brakeset as Deore XT Ti. I have bought some of the correct pads a few years back, but I cannot remember...
  20. D

    Trek Boone RSL 2017 Cylocross fit on Neo2

    Hi all, Wondering if you could help me please. I picked up a Tacx Neo 2 but I'm having difficulty getting my Trek Boone RSL 2017 Cyclocross bike to fit on the trainer. Seems as though the skewers are not long/wide enough. Can anyone confirm if this bike should fit on the trainer please?
  21. Timtrain

    Trek bottom bracket.

    I have a 2017 Trek Domane S5 with a very creaky bottom bracket. What in the forums opinion would be a suitable replacement?
  22. Kestevan

    Trek Emonda for Sale - SOLD

    Trek Emonda S6 Ultegra (2016 model, but bought in 2017). Trek 300 carbon frame, size 58 (suit someone 5'11 - 6'3) in Gloss black and Viper red. Shimano Ultegra 11 speed (6800). The rear mech has been changed to a GS cage, and a wider 11-32 cassette fitted for the lakeland hills last year. I...
  23. S

    Trek Domane 4.0 - Now sold

    Trek Domane 4.0 for sale. Upgrades include full 11 speed 5800 105 groupset and Fulcrum racing sport wheels. Continental GP 4000 tyres fitted with low usage. Summer use only , chain and cassette 500 miles old , very little use in the last two years. Comfortable endurance type geometry suitable...
  24. Dan Ferris

    Trek MTB Size Guide

    Hi All a quick question on Trek MTB sizing. I'm 5"5 and looking through the website it looks like both Small and Medium frames would suit. Unfortunatly with the current restrictions i'm unable to go and try but my desire to purchase is getting stronger. I was wondering whether anyone else of...
  25. anothersam

    Best Star Trek characters

    For someone who’s not a big fan, I’ve watched an awful lot of Star Trek. Not sure I have a favourite… Quark from DS9 would be on my list of those who are fun to watch, which makes sense, as he was cast as comic relief. I also liked Michael on Discovery, though lost interest in the series...
  26. anothersam

    Worst Star Trek character

    My pick: Deanna Troi, famed counsellor to the stars, never struck me as having any real empathic skills. I’m calling BS on her at long last.
  27. Gravity Aided

    Another 531 Trek from 1986

    This Trek 400 Elance will make a nice stablemate to the 1985 600 series Trek I already have. Both are butted 531 on the mauin tubes, with Cr-Mo forks and rear triangle, all made in the Waterloo Wisconsin factory. Some Treks of this period had the rear triangle made in Japan, but they have a dart...
  28. EltonFrog

    Cinelli or Trek or ....?

    Possible N+1 The Fragrant MrsP and I are cycling to Paris in September along the Avenue Verte and I’m considering the matter of buying a new bike for the journey and others yet to come. The Cinelli has caught my eye , about 750 quid from Spa. And I’m also rather taken by this Trek 520...
  29. BrumJim

    Trek Segafredo Trolling Ineos?

    I know they are a foreign team, and are unlikely to win as they haven't spent billions buying up any half decent rider, but I think I'm changing my allegance to Trek Segafredo: Recycled Jerseys Just hope Ineos get sabotaged by some very annoyed aquatic life.
  30. Crankarm

    Any one lost a grey Trek Domane?

    This Ebay ad struck me as very dodgy...
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