Boardman Team Hybrid - Wheel/Tyres ?



I recently acquired this beauty for free only ridden once from my cousin quote “who’s not into Bikes” my other half is going to use - I’ve swapped out saddle, fitted an adjustable stem etc - my question is wheels and tyres ?
Not comfy for her I think there 18mm Rims / 28s - I’m after advice on something more gravel / comfort based for her - if I remove the temp mudguards I think there’s “some” clearance - don’t want to spend a fortune as I’m not 100% she’ll “get into it” - then I can nick it and use - any advice for a Road/ Tow Path / Local off road Park trails type mix ?

Any help much appreciated 👍


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28s should be fine for the sort of riding you describe, you just need to lower the pressures. It's between the chain stays you need to check, there doesn't look to be too much clearance.
Those bar ends are mounted in a strange place :wacko:
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