1. Titanium

    Sold. Thank you.

    Specialized Sirrus bicycle with hydaulic disc brakes and Shimano 24 gears. Wheels are 700c. The condition is excellent, has hardly been used. The size would suit a cyclist between about 5'0" and 5'5" (maybe also 4'11" - not sure). The brakes and gears work very well, with no faults or...
  2. ChrisKH

    Islabike Beinn 24" Hybrid (Touring, Commuter, Off-Road) - £200.00 SOLD

    Son's first bike, lightly used at weekends following me down cycle paths. 8 speed twist grip, which works as it did when I bought it. Did less than 50 miles I reckon. Some superficial scratches but in good condition. Original tyres and the brake pads which both look like new. Never been out in...
  3. S

    Women's hybrid

    Currently have a Whyte Carnaby. Love it and the only thing I would change would be a slightly lower bar at the top. Quite like the look of the https://www.paulscycles.co.uk/bikes/hybrid-bikes/cube-touring-pro-trapeze-hybrid-bike-2022-lunargrey__9343 or the...
  4. Joey Shabadoo

    Does getting a Hybrid make me a hippy?

    Just ordered a new company car. I asked for - and much to my surprise - got a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. I am of course getting this for the environment and not for the tax break. Anyone got one, had one, know somebody with one? Will my armpit hair grow immediately and will I smell like stale...
  5. Lovacott

    27 Speed Hybrid. How Many Useable Combinations? Is it really a 27 Speed?

    I've been commuting on my brand spanking new Voodoo Marasa Hybrid for the last fortnight. Things I have noticed. 1. On the middle ring at the front, the chain skips on the small ring at the back when under load. 2. On the big ring at the front, the chain skips on the three largest rings at...
  6. ericmark

    e-bike controls, Currie Technologies@ Hybrid folding electric bike?

    I bought the bike second hand in a hurry when I found my driving licence was not renewed at 70 due to not already having a photo licence or holding a passport, likely temporary glitch, but seems they want more info to prove I am who I say I am. The bike had 1 kilometre on the clock, so...
  7. battered

    Refurb of Intersport Lyqid hybrid.

    A few years ago in a French Decathlon "Trocathlon" event I picked up a Lyqid Easy Ride (A what? A generic entry level ally framed hybrid sold exclusively by Intersport in Europe for Eu200-300 about 15 years ago) that had been converted to single speed. It was the princely sum of Eu40 and had...
  8. HumpTdumpty

    Boardman Team Hybrid - Wheel/Tyres ?

    I recently acquired this beauty for free only ridden once from my cousin quote “who’s not into Bikes” my other half is going to use - I’ve swapped out saddle, fitted an adjustable stem etc - my question is wheels and tyres ? Not comfy for her I think there 18mm Rims / 28s - I’m after advice on...
  9. weareHKR

    Tire Change

    Really couldn't get on with the skinny tires, so changed them over to some wider ones, deffo feels better on the slight off-road ride, looks better as well ... :becool:
  10. F

    Hybrid bike with Di2 shifters?

    I seem to be having one of my stupidity attacks this morning, and can't find what I'm looking for on t'internet. After a lifetime of racing (on & off road), touring, and mostly training :laugh: , my increasingly arthritic joints will no longer tolerate riding a road racing bike for very long...
  11. E

    Which hybrid ?

    I want to buy a good quality, well spec’d hybrid bike for general leisure. I want flat handlebars, a rigid front fork, a wide range of gears and would also like sufficient tyre clearance for wide tyres (~45mm or greater). Which bikes have these features ?
  12. M

    5ft 1” child - hybrid bike to buy?

    Hi, My daughter is only 10 and 5’ 1” tall. Still too short for a Ribble adult bike. Does anyone have a recommendation for a ‘large’ child’s bike - hybrid type? Say £300 budget. Many thanks, Martin
  13. Midsrider

    New Hybrid it is then ! but which one ?

    Hi again all, I did a post last week and myself changing my mountain bike as I felt so close to the handlebars and hunched up and just not comfortable. I did consider several other bikes (mains ones posted in the original post) but after riding my wife BTwin Hybrid Original 500 (large size)...
  14. T

    Cube Ladies Access Hybrid Pro electric bike. Black/Coral

    NOW SOLD. Excellent condition. 6 months old . Always kept indoors. Size 16 in. Bosch 500. 4 power settings. Used for 500 miles mostly on road. Stock tyres are schwalbe smart sams 2.60. Spare set of scwalbe marathon plus 2.10 tyres. All receipts, manual etc to show. Never had a problem with this...
  15. M

    Will a Hybrid Bike slow me down?

    I currently have a Giant Defy road bike and I can peddle for miles and go quite fast on it. However, I'm riding it on a long cycle path and the surface is pitted which makes for an uncomfortable ride at times. I can put up with this but I'm not sure it will do a road bike any good riding on this...
  16. tribanjules

    Btwin Riverside 900 hybrid

    Due to enforced layoff and n+1 issues my lovely hybrid is up for grabs £250. 10 speed 11-40, super hydraulic discs, fast rolling original tyres. Forks lockout for tarmac. XL so suits average 5'8 to 6 foot plus. Comes with mudguards and saddle / frame bags. Comfortable on road or track...
  17. robrinay

    Kildemoes Logic hybrid saved from scrap

    On my usual sortie around the charity shops of Sheffield I saw a charity worker loading scrap metal into a van ready to take to the tip. Amongst the 'scrap' was a hybrid bike with an ally frame and hub gears. I shouted that he surely wasn't scrapping it and he replied "help yourself mate, it...
  18. S

    Shiny new womens hybrid bike wanted

    Currently have a Specialized Vita with mudguards and a pannier added. Will have had it seven years next year and feel like something new. Cycling is mainly along cycle paths and roads with a grassy bumpy stretch along a river. Don't use it for work. Live so close to work it's not worth it...
  19. M

    C2W Hybrid advice please

    Thinking of getting C2W scheme. Thinking a hybrid is best for me, as will use on road and coastal hills. Will be on road, but gravel cycle tracks, grassy sea front, small hills etc, so would like front suspension that has lock out. Looking at no more than £700, as want to see how I go. Heard...
  20. L

    Budget cycling shoes for hybrid biking

    I'm going on a 4-day cycling holiday and am looking for some budget cycling shoes (no more than £40). I don't clip in, so don't actually need this functionality, but I assume all such shoes have this anyway? Requirements are: Dry reasonably quickly - I've used my normal trainers in the past...
  21. night cycler

    Surprised my hybrid disc bike has same width rear end as road bike.

    When I say width I am referring to the distance between mounting points. I was measuring the width of my hybrid rear end in readyness for getting a rack. I was surprised that it is about the same as my Triban road bike. In fact the rear end of the Triban is a bit wider by 18mm. I see racks...
  22. night cycler

    Would a Hybrid bike be suitable for riding in the woods?

    I`m in the market for a hybrid bike for use in the woods. I won`t be riding over rocks and the like, or through streams. I just wondered if this used boardman hybrid would be up to the job. It looks more like a road bike to me...
  23. Bhitucyclist

    Are road bike tyres more prone to punctures than hybrid tyres?

    Hi all , i ride a hybrid. I am trying to increase my riding speed and was suggested that i could change the tyres to sleek road tyres. However my exp of riding mountain/hybrid is never had a puncture in last 5 years . So wanted to find out what is your exp and if you had any preference to any...
  24. Paulq

    Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 400 vs Hybrid Pro Allroad 400?

    I already own a Haibike which I leave at my place in the Lakes - best thing I have ever bought. I am looking to get another e-Bike to use at home and have narrowed it down to these: https://www.tredz.co.uk/.Cube-Cross-Hybrid-Pro-400-2019-Electric-Hybrid-Bike_200365.htm...
  25. Cycleops

    Trek One Hybrid Info Reqd

    I'm trying to find out some information about this bike which I have found here for sale. Think it's from the US. Seller's not much help.
  26. Z

    Boardman Team Comp Hybrid SOLD

    Boardman hybrid bike in excellent condition. 2014 model bought in late 2015. The bike benefits from a pair of hand built wheels by Harry Rowland. Shimano Deore hubs , with Ryde Sputnik rims laced with Sapim race spokes giving smooth, yet bombproof wheels. Fitted with Schwalbe Durano Plus tyres...
  27. N

    SOLD: Land Rover Athabasca Hybrid & Trekking bike

    Selling on behalf of my dad, who purchased from new in 2015. Suntour front suspension fork Alloy 7005 Series frame Shimano Tourney 21 speed Alloy rear carrier & full mudguards Frame size looks medium. Not sure of exact size, but it measures 28 inches floor to the base of the seat post...
  28. W

    Kalkhoff Hybrid

    Hi everyone, Hope all well. Picked up another bike over the weekend, didn't know much about the brand but found out a little online. It's got Simplex gears and a lovely Elan leather seat. The handlebars are cleaning up ok, not sure of the logo on the chrome. The bike weighs a tonne but...
  29. SuperHans123

    Cannondale Quick Disc 4 Size L Hybrid Bike £385 o.n.o.

    Here for sale is a three month old Cannondale Quick Disc 4 gents hybrid bike. It has been upgraded with DMR Vault pedals, Giant Ergo grips, SKS Mudguards, PRO mount bike handlebars and a fully adjustable XLC Comp stem which allows reach and height adjustment. I live in Swansea but am willing to...
  30. Grant Fondo

    Road to Hybrid issues

    Pic says it all...trying to fit 700 x 32 tyres on Specialized Allez frame...should have Googled first! Can i get brakes to work or just go with say 28c tyres? Also, the chuffing flat bars i bought don't fit stem!
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