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  1. MrMister111

    MrMister111 Über Member

    Thinking of getting C2W scheme. Thinking a hybrid is best for me, as will use on road and coastal hills. Will be on road, but gravel cycle tracks, grassy sea front, small hills etc, so would like front suspension that has lock out.

    Looking at no more than £700, as want to see how I go. Heard good and bad on Boardman, but can get from just about any bike shop now on C2W.

    Wouldn't want too expensive anyway as would try and use to go short distances and lock up where I would normally use my car, and £700 is a LOT to me for a bike.

    Would prefer to be light just for getting in/out of house as have to store inside, maybe if easy peasy to remove wheels for storing a bonus to.

    Don't know what's good/bad, I know you can spend 000's on just gears for example, I don't need this just a basic bike really to try and get around more.

    Also heard good/bad about certain shops to get from, is the build of it that important as long as you check it when get it for security etc?

    Not knowing much about bikes is there much difference (£100 price wise), in the MTX 8.6 and 8.8?

    Think some say Boardman are just halfords own brand, and slightly bad name? but in price range or cheaper anything else like them?

  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Is it for commuting as buying on C2W. £700 might sound a lot but tot up what’ll you’ll save on car related expenses. And you won’t pay £700 for it with the tax relief.

    I’d just try out a few around your budget at local shops and see which feels best
  3. Sharky

    Sharky Veteran

    How far is your commute to work?
    Need to consider how you will carry wash kit and change of clothing.. so fittings for panniers important. Also if planning to ride in all weathers - mudguards.
  4. OP

    MrMister111 Über Member

    As it's C2W yes it's for commuting, officially...although this can also be to nearest train station.

    So the commute I'm not as worried about its more for the leisure aspect as well.

    I chose hybrid with front suspension as will be on normal roads (with pot holes!) and coastline hills and tracks, the suspension will have lockout so best of both worlds?

    Your right about C2W would work out about 40% less and interest free over the year, although you pay a fee at end of year to lease for another 5 year, so still don't own it? Not sure how that bit works to be honest.

  5. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Ask HR for the details, terms and conditions vary wildly

    If leaving a shiny bike at a station, but for at least one top end D lock if not two and consider taking seat and post with you to avoid component nickage and discourage theft generally

    Have a look at Merida if have a local dealer, good value for spec, massive manufacturer
  6. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire
    I’m not sure about the 5 year lease after the first year?
    I thought you purchased the bike over 12 months (sometimes 18 months) then to transfer ownership you bought the bike back from your employer for a small fee eg. £1.
    As far as bikes go unless you are doing some serious off-roading then I would avoid anything with front suspension.
  7. Soltydog

    Soltydog Guru

    near Hornsea
    Not sure you'll really need suspension for the riding you have planned & it may just end up being an unnecessary weight penalty if you are wanting something light :okay: A hybrid with >32mm tyres would probably offer enough comfort on gravel tracks
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  8. Sharky

    Sharky Veteran

    May have changed, but I think once the money has been paid, over 12 months, there is nothing else to pay, but if you leave before the 5 years, there is a reducing scale of repayment fees to pay back the tax savings you made when you bought it.
  9. OP

    MrMister111 Über Member

    Won't be serious off roading no but is going to be on the coast line with hills, tracks, gravel, uneven, dirt etc so just thought a front suspension would be good.

    Quote from FAQ's
    "Your employer pays for the bike and hires this to you over a 12 month period so the bike is it technically the property of your employer. To retain the bike and accessories after this period there is a one off lease agreement at the end of the scheme for you to retain possession of the bike and accessories. This is a 5 year lease for the one off payment of £25 plus Vat or 7% of the voucher value plus Vat, whichever is greater. This is subject to a separate agreement once the initial hire term has ended to satisfy HMRC and the fee is paid to the financer provider."
  10. Sharky

    Sharky Veteran

    Find out about early termination (ie if you leave)
  11. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    On tracks etc you will hardly notice the suspension, you'll get more benefit from lowering your tyre pressure. Bigger tyres will also help but won't feel as fast on tarmac.
    If storage is a problem you could consider a folder, Brompton are the go to brand for commuters but start at around a grand. You can also take the bike with you and use it at the other end. Locking a bike at the station will be tempting thieves or vandalism as I once found out. There are others like Tern, Dahon, Airnimal, Montague and others some of which offer bigger diameter wheels for a more full size like experience.
    Boardman is now owned by Halfords but are still good vfm bikes and get good press on here. Also have a look at Decathlon bikes with their own brand B'twin which also offer great value with a excellent warranty.
  12. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Have a look at Planet X some seriously good bikes at super price.
    Look at a London Road or maybe a cyclo cross bike.

    If a front fork is a must maybe a hardtail mtbis a better bet
  13. johnblack

    johnblack Well-Known Member

    The amount of people that I've know buy a hybrid, end up either buying a road bike or a hard tail within a year or two with the hybrid gathering dust in the shed.

    I quite like hybrids but I don't see many benefits over a hard tail 29er especially if you have half an eye of doing some tracks and the like.
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  14. Slick

    Slick Veteran

    It does depend on who runs the exact scheme but on paper I pay for my bikes over 12 months but exactly. How much of the bike I own and how much i would be expected to pay as a final payment is on a sliding over the next 5 years.
  15. MichaelW2

    MichaelW2 Veteran

    Make sure that the bike has mudguard and rear rack eyelets. A rear disc brake on the horizontal chainstay is usually more rack friendly than where the brake is on the diagonal seat stay.
    If you don't already have accessories, consider:
    Bolt on rack
    Bolt on mudguards
    U shackle lock
    Pannier bag(s)
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