1. Toshiba Boy

    E-Bike advice gratefully received.....

    Hi, a good friend of mine and my wife, an 81 year old widower, who saw active service with the Paras in Aden in the 1960's, participated in triathlons in his late 50's, and hung his road/tri wheels up some years ago, has asked me about e-bikes. He has now stopped driving, mainly due to eyesight...
  2. smokeysmoo

    Plant advice needed please........

    Me and Mrs Smoo have never possessed so much as one green finger between us. However, a major reason we moved to this house from a terraced house 15 years ago was because SWMBO wanted a garden, but after buying at the top of the market she very quickly realised she hates gardening :wacko...
  3. S

    Tyres - advice.

    I'm going to be using my Dawes Fox to commute to work these fine summer weeks, but I need to replace the tyres. The route is a twelve miler part urban, mostly rural with the obvious danger of the usual detrius on roads / cyclepaths. My regular bike; a GT Outpost is shod with Marathon Plus, as I...
  4. johnnyb47

    Have you ever regretted trying to give helpful advice

    Hi. Have are wished you never had given out advice to someone, only to see it all go wrong for them. With plenty of time on our hands at the moment and many nosey curtain twitchings going on I've noticed my neighbour has been hard at work sprucing his car up. Its been spit and polished for many...
  5. S

    selling advice

    Hi got a Jan janssen steel lugged road bike which needs work nothing major see pics I was thinking about selling would 80 pounds be too much any advice thanks
  6. Paul Walters

    52/38/28 Tiagra Triple - Advice Please

    My wife and I have an Orbit Velocity Tandem fitted with 3x10 Tiagra with 52/38/28 chainrings. I managed to drop the chain off the small chain ring yesterday resulting in some deep scuffing on the driveside chainstay, which I'm hoping is mostly in the paintwork, and the result of inexperience...
  7. S

    Lock Advice - I have a selection !

    After some views - if using two locks do people use a D lock and a chain, or potentially two D locks ? If two D locks is it worth taking 2 makes or both the same make ? The D locks I have are not light, but then neither is a chain and lock. I take the lock/s in a pannier when out so don't...
  8. kj92

    Which GPS / Phone Apps / Fitness Watches do you recommend?

    Currently I have a Polar Ignite watch, hooked up to the Polar app, which talks to the Strava App relatively well for fitness stuff... but I'm not done yet! I want a GPS-type device for the Brompton for when we're cycling about. This is what's needed in my set up - can you help!? - Watch -...
  9. HumpTdumpty

    Women’s gel seat cover for spin bike help

    Hi All hope your managing to stay healthy safe and well - whilst H based my partner has started to use my ex demo spin bike - you guessed it not used to cycling yet and finds the seat pictured uncomfortable I’m so proud of her for working out with me in these challenging times and don’t want her...
  10. Ashimoto

    Advice needed.

    Just got back into riding around 3 month ago after a very long lay off. Bought a mountain bike which is great but ive decided to replace the front suspension forks for rigid ones. I ride mainly on the road with the odd foray down the cut bank and cycle tracks. Hills are hard work with the front...
  11. Mike_P

    Ebike advice Giant Entour E+1 disc hybrid

    Spotted the 2019 version of these reduced and thinking of ordering one as my TSDZ2 ebiked hybrid seems to have terminal issues and rather than spending more £ and time trying to sought it out a proper ebike looks attractive. This seems to be the best deal on the Giant...
  12. Salad Dodger

    Metal detecting advice, please

    I live near the seaside, and would like to do a little metal detecting on the beach. Can anyone recommend a reasonably cheap detector? It doesn't have to be "state of the art", just something for a bit of fun after the day visitors have gone home. Thank you
  13. S

    Advice about strava

    Hi there. Is there anybody out there having trouble with Strava not operating at all on Huewei phones. Ive downloaded the app 5 times. It doesnt seem to want to work. It perfectly well on my Samsung Galaxy Ace.. Cant work it out!
  14. T675Rich

    Advice for being able to see in the rain

    Today was probably the first time I have cycled in persistent rain and my glasses not only got covered in water they fogged up too. What do people do in the rain to see properly? I can't really stretch to expensive cycling glasses at the moment.
  15. IaninSheffield

    Seeking the advice of wheel building gurus

    Having recently attended an informative and enjoyable wheel-building course, I set about my first project to build a dynamo hub front wheel. For a touring bike, the components include a Ryde Sputnik 36-hole 700c rim, SP PV8 hub and Swiss DT competition 2.0-1.8-2.0 spokes with 12mm brass nipples...
  16. TonyEnjoyD

    Need tyre advice due to my own stupidity

    Last yr the hub on my cx rear wheel went up the spout I bought a replacement but a week later, a nasty infection kept me off the bike for 8 months. Been out on two rides since and got snake-bite flats on both, only to find I had bought a 622x13c rim. Can anyone advise what size tyres I need as...
  17. Dave7

    Getting power of attorney........any advice to make it smooth/easy?

    A relative has asked me to take power of attorney for their affairs. She is fully compos mentis but aged 94 is quite frail. Can't say I look forward to doing it but she is such a lovely person. We already do a lot for her. My wife had power of attorney for her mother but she had dementia so...
  18. R

    Looking for advice re new bike for commuting (warning has ebike content too)

    Hi, i am nearing 50 and looking to get back into commuting into work 2-3 days a week. The trip is 3-4 miles each way, though there is 1.5 miles of hills, which is uphill on the way home. I was doing regularly till about 6 years ago when i picked up some niggling injuries to my knees, ankles and...
  19. Dec66

    Trike advice

    Hi, My daughter has a genetic condition called Sotos Syndrome. Among the many symptoms associated with it are problems with coordination and balance. She enjoys cycling, but trying to get her to ride a conventional bike is tricky, even with stabilizers. We took her to Dulwich Park a while...
  20. B

    Headset advice - SOLVED

    I have changed the stem on my 2014 Genesis Volant. As a result I now have a very slight looseness through the headset and I don't know why. It was not there before the change (so it is not the bearing wear). Nor is it like that Volkswagen ad, where something else is loose. The only different...
  21. G

    Bike buying advice?

    Hi there I'm seriously thinking about buying a Bianchi Sprint; this comes in both rim and disc brakes. The rim brakes one is £2200 and the disc brakes one is £2800. I know that rim brakes are easier to maintain but I do like the look of the disc brake one. The only small thing really that...
  22. Tail End Charlie

    Building advice - tanking.

    I'm having a garage built, two walls of which will be against an earth bank, which gets very wet. The walls have been built, properly strengthened and I'm happy with that. However the tanking is being put on the outside of the walls before back filling and I've noticed the membrane is a brick...
  23. S

    More Advice / Experience Please

    Like a few of us on here not getting any younger / fitter so thinking of going the E route. The thing that intrigues / concerns / know nothing about is the "post 15.5 sensation" So lets say we have happily pedalled along with assist to the bike assist limit, it is a nice flat road, bit of a...
  24. Alfa GT

    Saving a Mercian frame - advice needed

    Hi all I'm looking into trying to save an 80s mercian frame which has a fair bit of surface rust. I was thinking of getting it painted but is there a way to preserve it as it is now with rust and all without it getting worse? It's only original once after all! Thanks
  25. migrantwing

    Advice Required

    A neighbours friend turned up today and he called me over. His friend has a Halfords Carrera E Bike. He had a puncture and needed an inner tube etc, so I helped. He asked me if I knew anything about E bikes, I said 'no'. He wants to change the bike from a 300 watt to a 500 watt. I understand...
  26. Heltor Chasca

    Bike Camera Advice (GoPro Hero 7 White) & Filming Methods

    I never thought I would be posting about this subject. One reason is that I have been derogatory in the past about civvie-pseudo-cops. Well, you grow up; traffic police numbers have been drastically cut and driving seems to have got worse. On average twice EVERY week on the school run, my...
  27. glasgowcyclist

    Dead car battery - advice please

    As I haven't used my car in over four months, it appears that the battery is now dead - not even enough juice to switch on the radio. I'm looking for both short and longer term fixes for this so give me your wisdom. For starters (geddit?) I'm looking at this Arteck power pack for immediate...
  28. Soltydog

    Matlock - Bakewell, route advice please. A6?

    I'm looking at doing a ride in the area & taking in a few climbs, but concerned about how safe cycling along the A6 from Matlock to Bakewell is. Can anyone with local knowledge advise on a safe route, but I would also like to call via Rowsley to go up Rowsley Bank :okay: TIA
  29. M

    C2W Halfords, mountain bike <£800 advice

    Thinking of C2W scheme and was (in another thread) thinking was going to go for a hybrid but had a very quick look in Halfords and now think prefer mountain bike instead. My use will be starting out again on bikes, never done proper mountain biking, what I want for is basic commuting and...
  30. arranandy

    Clitheroe area riding advice

    Hi folks, I'm going to working in the Clitheroe area for the next few months and I was wondering about rides to do, roads to avoid, state of the roads, etc. I'm going there Monday to Fridays most so it will be after work/evening rides on my road bike. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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