1. W

    Help, l need some advice

    This is a photograph of the underside of the top tube where the rear brake cable enters . As you can see there is rust all round the entry point. Any practical advice on how to "stop the rot" would be very gratefully received :sad:
  2. H

    Request for advice on the best bicycle GPS tracker

    When cycling my wife wants to know where I am and she uses tracker information in conjunction with Google Earth to see those places. When I'm on cycling tours I have the best of both worlds; it is like she is with me without the nagging :smile: I currently use a tracker shop device that fits...
  3. T

    HPV Streetmachine GT old model advice

    Anyone got the old, steel framed SMGT recumbent? I have noticed two bolts on the frame I have no idea what they're for. First is on top of the boom just behind the front derailleur stub. The second is under the boom at the front just behind the bottom bracket shell. There's a frame hole with...
  4. Novak82

    Wheelset advice needed

    Hi, I am currently looking to upgrade a wheelset. I am riding Cannondale SuperSix Evo with stock Fulcrum Racing Sport on it. I've got budget of £400 and identified two oprions: 1. Hunt Race Aero Wide -lightweight at 1496g -tubeless ready -£399 2. Fulcrum Racing 4 C17 -slightly heavier at 1720g...
  5. Suddabym

    Bike buying advice please

    So I’m looking too buy a road bike through the bike too work scheme. I’ve watched hundreds of YouTube videos and still can’t decide what too buy as there are just too many too choose from. I currently have decathlon triban 3 which is great but it looks old and a bit battered. Looking for a road...
  6. K

    Can anyone offer me any advice on this building matter please?

    Hi, I got a plumber out today because the overflow disc fell off on the bath and needed putting back on. He took the side off the bath to do it and discovered a leak!! and said I needed a new floor, new bathroom because it would have to be ripped out etc. Upon further inspection he said I needed...
  7. newfhouse

    Garage refurb project - advice sought

    I have a tired old prefab detached garage that I need to fix up. It’s made of concrete panels slotted into concrete verticals with a bonded asbestos sheet roof to the rear and a short but steeper tiled front. I live on a slope so the rear of the garage is effectively buried the best part of a...
  8. HumpTdumpty

    Malvern Hills Advice pls

    Hi All I’m working in Cheltenham Sat morning and fancy combining it with a ride - I’ve never climbed the Malvern Hills any advice Re Circuits / parking etc much appreciated-I cycle 6 days out of 7 varied distances can’t claim to be a mountain goat 🐐 though - pictured two bike options my...
  9. stephec

    Twitter advice please?

    If I look at someone's account that I want to send a tweet to, using my phone, there is a blue circle with a feather in it on the bottom right. I tap that and write my message, and then press tweet. I can then see on my own feed that it's been sent, but on their page it isn't there, does...
  10. R

    Tyre advice

    I have been looking for new tyres for my hybrid bike and came across the Fincci brand, 700x38 with puncture protection, has anyone anything to say about these?.
  11. clid61

    media Travel advice

    Why are sheeple so desperate to go abroad ? Also why do media pish it so much ?
  12. stephec

    Dog friendly burglar alarm advice please?

    We're looking for a new alarm and need one to be compatible with our new hound, a quick search shows options from £100 to £1000, but does anyone have any advice that they can offer me?
  13. RoubaixCube

    Advice on alu vs carbon wheelsets

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but i spent part of the night looking at wheelsets after coming across an article on roadcc I have sort of narrowed down the options to three (or maybe four) different wheelsets if i was to get something but at the same time i am very curious...
  14. S

    Robust Garden Furniture - advice please

    Mrs wants to to ring the changes and buy some big chunky sofa things (with cushion storage). What are your experiences - timber construction or this popular rattan stuff - does it degrade under UV and disintegrate ? I'd like something that we can unbolt and swap around if required. We'll also...
  15. Andy in Germany

    Brompton Advice

    It looks likely that I'll have a new job from May/June this year, which is about 10 miles/15k away from here. It's a flat and generally traffic free 15k so I'm likely to cycle commute, but I would like an option for when I have to take the train on rainy or snowy days when I need to look...
  16. B

    Advice on cycling tools/ equipment required for basic workshop maintenance / repair

    Good morning all , does anyone have advice on what tools/equipment the average cyclist would need for bike maintenance and minor repairs. I’m enthusiastic but have no engineering background!
  17. Mardlinboy

    Specialized crank arm advice please

    Hi My daughter has a 27.5 Specialized Rockhopper Looks like the left hand crank arm was cross threaded and now needs replacing ... what would be a good replacement... I have googled Stout crankset but it just isn't clear what is the best replacement... Amazon have loads of cranks but again not...
  18. johnnyb47

    I've started running (any tips or advice most welcome)

    Hi, With the dark cold nights rolling on, cycling this time of the year is hard going. I get quite cold for the first few miles before eventually warming up, and as I'm OCD with keeping my bike clean I'm forever cleaning it down. Also cycling at night on unlit roads makes me feel somewhat...
  19. Johnsco

    Advice needed re quick link

    I'm considering buying quicklinks to use with my 1/2 inch x 3/32 inch derailleur chain on my Carlton. I've never used them before and have just re-rivited chains as required. I seem to remember from my younger days (like the 1960s) that someone told me that you couldn't use quicklinks with DR...
  20. RamoRuon

    Non-shin-shredding pedal advice, please

    Hi all :hello:, Spent a couple of hours Googling without success. Lots of 'close but no cigar' results. Thought I'd throw it out to the community before I give up entirely since, knowing my luck, someone's probably familiar with my conundrum and I wouldn't even have asked :rolleyes: ...
  21. S

    Chainset Advice

    Hello everyone, has anyone used the cheaper Chinese branded chainsets on their road bikes, wondering what they are like in terms of quality and longevity. Many thanks
  22. Leslie

    Brookes Saddles and Saddles in general....

    Hi All, I have a been riding on a cheap canvas saddle (no brand) and have experience that is has started to wear out my trousers (typical cotton chinos). I have done a bit of research that leather saddles (ie Brookes) are more 'friendlier' to just ordinary trousers...have you had similar...
  23. nickAKA

    Headset expander/compressor not compressing headset

    The wife's new bike (Wilier) came with an expander plug for the steerer tube and I'm struggling to get any sort of 'load' onto the headset bearings - I can't see an obvious way for it to compress, I assumed it must pull down the top cap after it had expanded and you then nipped it up but I can...
  24. CharlieB

    Advice on Tubeless Tyres, please

    I've just purchased a pair of wheels as an upgrade. They've arrived this morning, with tubeless tyres attached. They weren't described on the website (Wiggle) as coming with tyres, but thank you anyway. The problem is I'm completely new to tubeless tyres and the tech. behind them. There's a...
  25. Juliansou

    Advice on conversion kits please

    Hi all, I'm hoping to pick the brains of those far more experienced than me! I’m looking to convert my Elephant bike (refurbished Royal Mail bike) to an ebike - photo attached. It’s a pretty robust steel frame made by Pashley, weighing in at at hefty 23kg! The main issue I can see is that it’s...
  26. postman

    Advice needed

    I am fed up of ads coming on the computer on everything i look at.Mainly the newspapers. So i am asking about free ad blockers that you lot use,if you do.Can you mention a few.Are they safe and easy to download.Because i am not sure what i am doing.
  27. suzeworld

    Bike stand advice.

    Hi. After 30 years of ignoring our own bike maintenance beyond oil and tires (paying good men to do jobs for us) we are embracing the idea of some DIY mechanic-ing. She didn’t really find that garden chair to be the right gadget for propping up the bike. SO We’re after advice on a good stand...
  28. D

    XC bike advice

    Hi folks, looking for some advice on a potential XC purchase. I'm looking for something under a grand that can do a few woodland tracks, gravel roads, byways etc but not be too bloody heavy to ride on road to get to various trails near me. Was having a look around and saw this from planet x...
  29. T

    2020 Felt FR 30 advice

    Hello have any one owned this bike before and have experience with FELT. the price is very appealing compare to cannondale or Trek but maybe for a reason. Also I have couple of options like the CAAD 13, Treck SL5 and Treck ALR5 that are...
  30. simon the viking

    Any advice on bone conducting headphones?

    Okay lets get this straight... I'm not looking to start a headphone debate. If I buy any they will be mainly for running, if I feel they do let me hear road noise then I MIGHT use them when cycling. My main question really is... Are they any good? I was thinking of aftershokz Trekz Titanium -...
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