HPV Streetmachine GT old model advice

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Anyone got the old, steel framed SMGT recumbent? I have noticed two bolts on the frame I have no idea what they're for.

First is on top of the boom just behind the front derailleur stub.

The second is under the boom at the front just behind the bottom bracket shell. There's a frame hole with a kind of rubber bung in it just behind the bolt.

Anyone know what these bolts are for? I'm wondering if the lower one could be used to mount a light bracket somehow? I need a better light attach option.


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I had the same bolt underneath the boom, a little back from the BB, on my old Speedmachine. It is for attaching a headlamp with the usual B&M/AXA thick steel wire mount. Instead of the typical double-bent shape for mounting on a fork steerer, the wire mount is basically straightened out.

The bolt behind the derailleur tube is for your bike computer. HPVelo makes a little tube with a right-angled flange for just this purpose.
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