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I'm going on a 4-day cycling holiday and am looking for some budget cycling shoes (no more than £40). I don't clip in, so don't actually need this functionality, but I assume all such shoes have this anyway?

Requirements are:

Dry reasonably quickly - I've used my normal trainers in the past but these take ages to dry out and don't smell too good during the drying process in a hotel room.......

OK for walking around - obviously not for long distances, but for walking around a town during the day whilst on the cycle to avoid having to change footwear.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Some cycling shoes have blanking plates or sole rubber over the bolt holes, so they can be used like ordinary trainers, but then you're basically paying a lot for trainers IMO. Better to buy golfing or sailing shoes that are comfortable enough to walk but firm enough to bike and use pedals that are big enough to support enough of your foot that you don't get "hot foot" or another pressure-related problem.

I mostly wear Hi-Tec Zuuls because they dry out quick (thin canvas uppers), but they're more flexible than many people like. I sometimes wear some unbranded boxing trainers in very bad weather which are a bit more waterproof... or military boots in total deluges but not for multi-day tours as they really don't dry fast once they get wet and they're annoying to carry when not worn.

Drying shoes out is a problem, even with cycling shoes. I blast them with the hotel hairdryer, then stuff them with newspaper and leave for a while, then remove the damp paper and repeat (but don't rinse else you're back where you started...). If you're expecting very wet weather, I'd consider overshoes (remember to keep your ankle cuffs outside the top of them!) or an old-style cape (one that goes over the handlebars) to reduce how much water reaches the shoes.

Hope that helps. Sorry it's what I think you need more than what you asked for...
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