1. P

    Help finding my first clipless shoes?

    Got my first bike this winter and have been out about a dozen times. I'm slowly picking up items to go with the bike. My most recent purchase was pedals. I had been using the free set the shop put on when I bought the bike. I am learning the sport because of a knee replacement, so I don't...
  2. D

    Show us yer shoes

    Here’s mine for tonight-Dachstein and naff socks 👍
  3. icowden

    Shoes again...

    Hi all, I have decided to bite the bullet and get some cleat compatible shoes! Have been to the local bike shop, but they really only sell Bontrager road shoes. I have nothing against Bontrager, but they do seem to cater for people with what I like to think of as "normal" feet. I, on the other...
  4. T

    Dhb vs Shimano spd shoes?

    I am in the market for new spd shoes to use with my road bike. What are your thoughts on the dhb troika (£55) vs Shimano xc1 (£62)?
  5. Nigel182

    For Sale Sidi Eagle MTB SPD Shoes EU Size 44

    For Sale Sidi Eagle (think they may be the Eagle 5 Model but not exactly sure). In Good Condition with Cleats £50 with Recorded Postage Included.
  6. cyberknight

    new shoes coming unclipped when under power

    I have retired my 3 year old northwave commuting mtb shoes as the inner heel fabric is worn out and started using some spesh shoes and the shoe comes unclipped under full power out of the saddle efforts, never happened with the northwaves . Cleats are set up the same and pedals under full...
  7. Onthedrops

    MTB shoes for road bike

    Maybe unusual to some but I prefer MTB pedals on my road bike. I just find the shoes easier to walk in at cafe stops etc. I'm now looking for new but a bit more flashy and road shoe looking. (purists will say "buy road shoes then!) Liking the ratchet or Boa system and seeking red/black and white...
  8. newts

    Cycle shoes for wide feet - recommendations please

    My right foot measures 110mm wide going by Lakes guide & i've struggled with foot pain in my Torch 2 spd-sl shoes. I've gone back to my old Shimano spd trainers that are very wide but the soles are very flexible & get differing foot pain from these on long rides. I'd consider either clip...
  9. 3narf

    Giro shoes

    How is the fit? Are they quite small, normal or roomy? Thanks
  10. M

    Shimano R107 Shoes

    Shimano R107 shoes in size 42 in vgc £40 plus £5 postage
  11. rockyroller

    How often do you change the SPD cleats on your shoes?

    was looking at mine the other day & they are looking a little chewed up does one replace cleated pedals w/ the same frequency? or do they last longer?
  12. David5416

    Price drop Specialized torch 1.0 shoes

    Specialized torch 1.0 shoes Hyper yellow colour Size 44 or 9.6 UK. bought late last year worn twice but just to big for me, I have another pair of spec. shoes so thought they would be the same fit but they are not. Immaculate condition as you would expect. No cleats £70 Posted
  13. TAV

    Cycling shoes

    Hi new to long distance touring what shoes do people use road shoes mtb shoes ECT.
  14. A

    What cycling shoes to buy?

    There are so many to choose from and the prices vary a lot. I want road cycling shoes, what should I look for when choosing road cycling shoes?
  15. R

    Help - Size 49/50 shoes

    The time has come, my shoes are falling to bits. Looking for recommendations for SPD compatible shoes for ridiculously sized feet. I avoid shoe shopping assiduously as it's such a PITA for my flippers. To be used mainly for commuting, also MTBing. Cheap, cheerful and hard wearing. Used...
  16. Lozi

    Shoes hurting tops of feet

    A couple years ago i decided to finally try clipless (SPD) after years of riding in flats, long story short i hated it and didn't get on with it for a few reasons. Im debating trying again now though possibly with different shoes, i currently have Fizizk Terra X5 and one of the biggest problems...
  17. T

    SPD Shoes

    Can anyone recommend some good SPD shoes for road riding. I currently have Giro but a touch narrow and heavy. Would like something lighter. Rather go off people’s reviews on ownership than another internet trawl. 90% road riding but don’t want the exposed cleat This is what I have at minute but...
  18. dave147

    Shimano rc7 road shoes

    Been looking to get a new pair of shoes and these seam ok. Has any one got them of had them I know it’s all personal opinion but just thought I would c b4 I pull the trigger thanks dav
  19. A

    Wanted: Old shoes

    After a pair of two bolt and a pair of three bolt cycling shoes, any size/colour/make. Condition is not important as I'm going to cut them up anyway, just as long as the sole is complete. So after something your'e just going to throw out and I will pay for postage + extra for hassle/packaging...
  20. J

    Fizik road shoes

    Hi, I am looking to purchase my first decent pair of cycling shoes and have chose Fizik as a brand. I am choosing between the R5 Tempo Overcurve, Powerstrsp or the R3 Aria. Any advice would be apprciated Thanks Josh
  21. Randomnerd

    Sidi Carbon S-Fit Women’s Road Shoes, size 42, £60 + p&p

    Sidi Carbon S-Fit clipless road shoe, size 42. The patent black material is in pristine condition and the closure and adjustment mechanism works perfectly. Used by my reluctant stoker for summer jaunts, bimbles and occasional roadside disagreements. Never hurled in anger. Never worn in the...
  22. A

    Waterproof shoes for cycling?

    I have a rain proof jacket so my upper body is always dry but I always get lots of water into my shoes when it rains, is there any shoes I could get that would keep my feet dry when it rains?
  23. kingrollo

    Running Shoes

    My son is quite into running - but is plagued by foot problems he seems better when he uses stiff soled trainers - for xmas I would like to get him some dedicated running shoes - any generic suggestions ? - I realise perhaps he should go and see a foot specialist - but with lockdown and being...
  24. DCLane

    eBay: Men's Small, Medium and Large clothing, size 43 shoes and parts

    This evening I've listed a pile of mixed cycling clothing - men's Medium / Large / 43 - plus parts on eBay. Some are mine, some came with the NeilPryde and have either been washed and checked or tested: Autumn winter clothing: Sugoi RS long-sleeved jersey, new, race-fit Small, £20 start...
  25. gmclean

    Road shoes

    Not really been a cold weather cyclist before, slowly getting more gear (skull cap, leggings etc) but today I could feel the cold air coming in through my shoes. My current shoes are Shimano MTB/commuter style SPDs, a nice hybrid (for when I only had a hybrid bike), so I’m looking for...
  26. biggs682

    Shimano SH MT 44 L cycling shoes Size 46 SOLD

    These came with a recent bike purchase and being a size 46 (11) are way to big for me. Claimed to have been used only 2 times and I would say looking at them it was correct . Asking £25 collected from NN8 Wellingborough post code or for an extra £5 sent via my Hermes. I have just wiped the...
  27. Ming the Merciless

    Purple cycling shoes

    Amazing what you can do with leather paint.
  28. le_al_khemista

    Foot pain. Morton's neuroma?

    Hi all, I've always used flat pedals without any issue whatsoever but recently decided to get some SPDs (Shimano M520) and shoes (Giro Cylinder) and after about 30min on the bike I start getting some pain under my right foot, roughly between the 3rd and 4th toes and toes start going numb. The...
  29. bikingdad90

    Giro Grynd EUR 43 (8.5) SPD cycling shoes

    For sale are my Giro cycling shoes. I can’t get on with SPD’s and want to revert back to Look so selling these little worn shoes. £30 posted. In good condition and look nearly new apart from some dirt on the soles. They retailed for about £90 new but now discontinued by Giro and replaced with...
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