1. A

    Wanted: Old shoes

    After a pair of two bolt and a pair of three bolt cycling shoes, any size/colour/make. Condition is not important as I'm going to cut them up anyway, just as long as the sole is complete. So after something your'e just going to throw out and I will pay for postage + extra for hassle/packaging...
  2. J

    Fizik road shoes

    Hi, I am looking to purchase my first decent pair of cycling shoes and have chose Fizik as a brand. I am choosing between the R5 Tempo Overcurve, Powerstrsp or the R3 Aria. Any advice would be apprciated Thanks Josh
  3. Randomnerd

    Sidi Carbon S-Fit Women’s Road Shoes, size 42, £60 + p&p

    Sidi Carbon S-Fit clipless road shoe, size 42. The patent black material is in pristine condition and the closure and adjustment mechanism works perfectly. Used by my reluctant stoker for summer jaunts, bimbles and occasional roadside disagreements. Never hurled in anger. Never worn in the...
  4. A

    Waterproof shoes for cycling?

    I have a rain proof jacket so my upper body is always dry but I always get lots of water into my shoes when it rains, is there any shoes I could get that would keep my feet dry when it rains?
  5. kingrollo

    Running Shoes

    My son is quite into running - but is plagued by foot problems he seems better when he uses stiff soled trainers - for xmas I would like to get him some dedicated running shoes - any generic suggestions ? - I realise perhaps he should go and see a foot specialist - but with lockdown and being...
  6. DCLane

    eBay: Men's Small, Medium and Large clothing, size 43 shoes and parts

    This evening I've listed a pile of mixed cycling clothing - men's Medium / Large / 43 - plus parts on eBay. Some are mine, some came with the NeilPryde and have either been washed and checked or tested: Autumn winter clothing: Sugoi RS long-sleeved jersey, new, race-fit Small, £20 start...
  7. gmclean

    Road shoes

    Not really been a cold weather cyclist before, slowly getting more gear (skull cap, leggings etc) but today I could feel the cold air coming in through my shoes. My current shoes are Shimano MTB/commuter style SPDs, a nice hybrid (for when I only had a hybrid bike), so I’m looking for...
  8. biggs682

    Shimano SH MT 44 L cycling shoes Size 46 SOLD

    These came with a recent bike purchase and being a size 46 (11) are way to big for me. Claimed to have been used only 2 times and I would say looking at them it was correct . Asking £25 collected from NN8 Wellingborough post code or for an extra £5 sent via my Hermes. I have just wiped the...
  9. YukonBoy

    Purple cycling shoes

    Amazing what you can do with leather paint.
  10. le_al_khemista

    Foot pain. Morton's neuroma?

    Hi all, I've always used flat pedals without any issue whatsoever but recently decided to get some SPDs (Shimano M520) and shoes (Giro Cylinder) and after about 30min on the bike I start getting some pain under my right foot, roughly between the 3rd and 4th toes and toes start going numb. The...
  11. bikingdad90

    Giro Grynd EUR 43 (8.5) SPD cycling shoes

    For sale are my Giro cycling shoes. I can’t get on with SPD’s and want to revert back to Look so selling these little worn shoes. £30 posted. In good condition and look nearly new apart from some dirt on the soles. They retailed for about £90 new but now discontinued by Giro and replaced with...
  12. Smokin Joe

    FDX Road Shoes

    Pair of FDX road shoes in snazzy white, size 8. Worn twice, complete with Look Classic cleats, £20 posted.
  13. Porsche924

    Brake shoes.

    What are the best brake shoes to use with vintage chrome rims?
  14. Daninplymouth

    Planet X carbon shoes size 45

    Hi, Brand new unused. Wife ordered the wrong size and was out of the return period. Asking £50 posted
  15. The Rover

    Clothing + shoes

    Morning. 1, Rapha gilet, size med, I’d suggest a slim fit for a 39in chest. Packs up small and in great condition. £40 posted. 2, Endura FS-260 pro 11 bib shorts, the lettering started to peel off after the first few washes however I’ve hardly worn them as they are Slightly too big. Size med...
  16. davidphilips

    muddy fox shoes Spd size 7 for £16 Few other sizes but cost more, cheap and chearful shoes?
  17. Grievesy

    Cycling shoes

    looking for your help folks. Ive got a planet X London Road 1x11. I mostly use it for commuting 10 miles each way to work. Ive been using some shoes i bought from Decathlon around 7 year ago and now they are falling apart so im looking to upgrade. Problem is im not seeing much on wiggle or...
  18. J

    Pedal and Shoes - Gravel/Adventure bike

    Just investing in a gravel/adventure bike (probably the Boardman ADV 8.9) and been doing a lot of research on pedals and shoes.... far too many to choose from! I am likely to be cycling on 50% road and 50% bridle paths and off road trail and looking for a suitable pedal and shoe option (should...
  19. T

    Tri shoes for training

    hello i found this shoes on sale. is it ok yo use them for daily training or they are good only for race and their lifespan will be short?
  20. Welsh wheels

    Wondering whether to make the switch to SPD-SL pedals and road shoes.

    I have been road cycling for four years but have always used SPDs and mtb shoes, partly because I used to use the same bike for commuting and recreational road cycling and found them easier to walk in, and partly because it was a cheaper setup! They say that they aren't as comfortable for road...
  21. guitarpete247

    Not wearing shoes.

    I was furloughed from start of lockdown and spent most of first month or so gardening (wearing Crocs). 4 weeks ago I dislocated my elbow and have hardly been out. I'm now starting to go out but have found most of my shoes are quite tight and uncomfortable. I think my feet may have spread (I...
  22. L

    What are the things called which attach the cleats to the shoes?

    I’ve noticed that one of them has come off when I’ve been riding my bike so I need to buy another one. I’m going to assume they are a type of bolt.
  23. Saracenlad

    What shoes?

    As an old timer, I still use my toe clips and a loose strap. For shoes i have a pair of Umbro bowling shoes! (Yes, really) They are very comfortable and have a good flat, stiff sole. Unfortunately they are getting well worn and as an old timer I like to have clean shoes! Any ideas welcome. A...
  24. Trek_Girl

    Are special MTB shoes a necessity?

    Hello I am new here and you could say new to cycling. I have a Trek mountain bike and just wearing a pair of normal trainers however was wondering do these special MTB shoes that you can buy from wiggle, planet x make any noticable difference for speed and resistance. No matter what gear I'm...
  25. Johnno260

    Shimano shoes

    Anyone here have any Shimano RC7 shoes? Sigma have some for an ok price they look nice, I know they fit me, but it’s the finish especially on the white looks a nightmare to keep clean. I found some new R321 on EBay that I’m watching they’re in my price range and look nice as well. I managed...
  26. cm2mackem

    Sold, Scott Road RC Lace Cycling Shoes- 46 - Black, £40

    Scott Road RC Lace Cycling Shoes- 46 - Black.,carbon soles with a stiffness rating of 9, they are as stiff as my s works shoes.Condition is used, only once, soles aren't even marked, two sets of laces, these are true to size with a very roomy toe box, they are Matt black with SHINNY graphics...
  27. Mark Grant

    Northwave SPD shoes size 43

    Pair of Northwave shoes. Size 43 with Shimano SPD cleats. £20 posted.
  28. Twilkes

    Drilling out the soles of SPD shoes

    I can't find a thread on this, but does anyone have any experience of drilling out the soles of cycling shoes to move the cleats further back? I have Shimano ME2 shoes and based on my platform pedal position (not quite mid-foot but it's not far off) I need the cleats another 15-20mm further...
  29. Owsh

    Wanted: CX 5 Shimano shoes

    After some new or used CX 5 Shimano shoes in 46/47. Preferably black.
  30. W

    Bike shoes without cleats?

    Hi all, Im in the UK and am looking for some help. Can anyone reccomend or give me some ideas of road shoes that dont have cleats. Its not that I dont like them or cant use them but Ive had two ankle replacements and my foot cant stay in that position for more than 20 minutes.
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