1. J

    Pedal and Shoes - Gravel/Adventure bike

    Just investing in a gravel/adventure bike (probably the Boardman ADV 8.9) and been doing a lot of research on pedals and shoes.... far too many to choose from! I am likely to be cycling on 50% road and 50% bridle paths and off road trail and looking for a suitable pedal and shoe option (should...
  2. T

    Tri shoes for training

    hello i found this shoes on sale. is it ok yo use them for daily training or they are good only for race and their lifespan will be short?
  3. Welsh wheels

    Wondering whether to make the switch to SPD-SL pedals and road shoes.

    I have been road cycling for four years but have always used SPDs and mtb shoes, partly because I used to use the same bike for commuting and recreational road cycling and found them easier to walk in, and partly because it was a cheaper setup! They say that they aren't as comfortable for road...
  4. guitarpete247

    Not wearing shoes.

    I was furloughed from start of lockdown and spent most of first month or so gardening (wearing Crocs). 4 weeks ago I dislocated my elbow and have hardly been out. I'm now starting to go out but have found most of my shoes are quite tight and uncomfortable. I think my feet may have spread (I...
  5. L

    What are the things called which attach the cleats to the shoes?

    I’ve noticed that one of them has come off when I’ve been riding my bike so I need to buy another one. I’m going to assume they are a type of bolt.
  6. Saracenlad

    What shoes?

    As an old timer, I still use my toe clips and a loose strap. For shoes i have a pair of Umbro bowling shoes! (Yes, really) They are very comfortable and have a good flat, stiff sole. Unfortunately they are getting well worn and as an old timer I like to have clean shoes! Any ideas welcome. A...
  7. Trek_Girl

    Are special MTB shoes a necessity?

    Hello I am new here and you could say new to cycling. I have a Trek mountain bike and just wearing a pair of normal trainers however was wondering do these special MTB shoes that you can buy from wiggle, planet x make any noticable difference for speed and resistance. No matter what gear I'm...
  8. Johnno260

    Shimano shoes

    Anyone here have any Shimano RC7 shoes? Sigma have some for an ok price they look nice, I know they fit me, but it’s the finish especially on the white looks a nightmare to keep clean. I found some new R321 on EBay that I’m watching they’re in my price range and look nice as well. I managed...
  9. cm2mackem

    Sold, Scott Road RC Lace Cycling Shoes- 46 - Black, £40

    Scott Road RC Lace Cycling Shoes- 46 - Black.,carbon soles with a stiffness rating of 9, they are as stiff as my s works shoes.Condition is used, only once, soles aren't even marked, two sets of laces, these are true to size with a very roomy toe box, they are Matt black with SHINNY graphics...
  10. Mark Grant

    Northwave SPD shoes size 43

    Pair of Northwave shoes. Size 43 with Shimano SPD cleats. £20 posted.
  11. Twilkes

    Drilling out the soles of SPD shoes

    I can't find a thread on this, but does anyone have any experience of drilling out the soles of cycling shoes to move the cleats further back? I have Shimano ME2 shoes and based on my platform pedal position (not quite mid-foot but it's not far off) I need the cleats another 15-20mm further...
  12. Owsh

    Wanted: CX 5 Shimano shoes

    After some new or used CX 5 Shimano shoes in 46/47. Preferably black.
  13. W

    Bike shoes without cleats?

    Hi all, Im in the UK and am looking for some help. Can anyone reccomend or give me some ideas of road shoes that dont have cleats. Its not that I dont like them or cant use them but Ive had two ankle replacements and my foot cant stay in that position for more than 20 minutes.
  14. Zipp2001

    I Bought New Shoes !

    I've needed new shoes on the 29 plus bike since the end of last year. But just kept putting it off foe no real reason until today. I had to run to the bike shop for something and checked and they had what I was looking for so the came home with me. I was running late and wanted to get out so I...
  15. M

    New to cleats - help

    Hi, I’m 52, never used cycle shoes with cleats and I am nervous about it. Not falling off but: 1. Concerned I won’t like the fixed foot position 2. What if I get a mechanical I can’t fix? At least with trainers I can walk the bike miles if needed? 1 - I suspect is an irrational fear? 2 - Is it...
  16. bobsinatra

    Appropriate Cycle Shoes for pedals in video

    Hi As I bought this bike second hand, I don't know the kind of pedals that I have. I would like to get proper cycle shoes to assist with longer rides. What entry level cycle shoes would you recommend to go with these pedals? Any advice appreciated. At present, I am doing a couple of 25...
  17. bikingdad90

    Shimano/Scott/Northwave cycling shoes size 8/9- fit my size 8 feet

    Three pairs of shoes surplus to requirements: 2x Look Keo shoes or SPD-SL three bolt. Both 8/9 in size. The Scott ones have scuffed bottoms but purely cosmetic, uses 3x Velcro closure. The Northwave ones has a scratched ratchet but fully functional and just cosmetic. Carbon reinforced...
  18. NickTB

    Shoes and pedal recommendations please

    Hi all, I ride a Marin Lucas Vally with a set of decathlon pedals and shoes. They are flat pedals (MTB I think) but they were a good intro to clipping in. I'd like to upgrade now to road pedals and shoes as my current shoes are tad small. Any recommendations for a pedal/ shoe combo for around...
  19. nickg


    I'm hoping to be in the market for some cycling shoes, I'm normally 10.5-11 uk size. Should I be going a size bigger?
  20. Globalti

    Giro Savix shoes, red, 42, like new.

    For sale, a pair of Giro Savix road shoes in red and black. Size 42, I've only worn these for two rides. £40 delivered UK by post or Collect+
  21. Blue Hills

    Glueing soles on cycling shoes

    Anyone got any recommendations for glues? I have a few glues but they all name a list of types of plastics as a series of cap letters - and I have no idea what these mean or what my Sidi soles are made of. On both shoes its just a bit at the heel - the shoes still ride OK but I want to catch...
  22. Pedropete

    Anyone tried the new Specialized Recon shoes?

    I desperately need some new shoes and I’m curious if anyone’s tried any of Specializeds new Recon range? Specifically, I’m keen to know how wide they come up. My ridings more allroad these days with a fair bit of hike-a-bike so still need 2-bolt SPD but would like something a bit more walkable...
  23. BigTam

    Shimano R106 Road Shoes SOLD

    Shimano R106 road shoes, size 10, good condition, only used for a couple of hundred miles, £35 posted
  24. Levo-Lon

    Giro size 44 road shoes ,nearly new.

    Size 44, they are a good cycling shoe size wise,as per shimano ,if your a 43 like me get a 44. I need a 45 on my right foot as it's a bit bunion pinch. Left foot is perfect.. Used on my trainer but only a few times and a couple of short road rides.. I'm all mtb so these are in near new...
  25. Spiderweb

    Shimano RO78 Shoes Size 45 NOW SOLD

    I’m selling these for a friend. Shimano RO78 Cycling shoes Size 45. They have only been worn 2 or 3 times and are very nice quality and in excellent condition, almost indistinguishable from new. They are really lightweight, according to my digital scales each shoe is only 300g, lighter than my...
  26. carlosfandangus

    Re sole mountain bike shoes

    I don't mean complete new sole, just build up at the side of the cleats..... has anyone tried this? I have several good pairs of shoes, however 1 pair has worn so that the cleat is level with the sole, this resulted in a very embarrassing fall in front of 10 of my previous colleagues, concrete...
  27. David5416

    SIDI WIRE CARBON SHOES Not available anymore

    SIDI WIRE CARBON ROAD SHOES. red and white. Used but great condition. size44
  28. David5416


    DEDA ZERO STEM 100mm Used but in great nick. £13 p&p included
  29. huggybear0

    Specialized Sport Road Shoes SOLD

    Brand New Specialized Sport Road shoes never worn. Moved to Mountain Biking. see pictures.
  30. adyc

    Garneau road shoes (43)

    Slightly used road shoes Size 43 UK 9 Great beginner shoes 3 bolt cleat fitting £25 posted UK
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