Flat bar Road Bikes


I like all types of bikes from mtb, road, gravel, ebike to tourer, cyclocross and randioeur

But lets see all the Flat bar Bikes, we dont seem to have a thread for the love of the flatbar roadie......i dont have one these days, but i do have a fully rigid flatbar Ebike...but no pictures at the moment

So come on, i really wanna see those flat bars

actually i do have a pic of the flatbar ebike….


Cube Acid - 500wh battery - Bosch Active Plus motor - carbon mtb forks - 47mm slick tyres - DI2 gearing
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My Specialized Vita.



I think Biggs bike is the only one I'd call a 'flat bar road bike' - the others are clearly hybrids.
If it's got flat bars it's not a Road Bike!
i disagree.....but thats ok, all opinions and flat bar road bikes welcome.
OK - anyone know teh difference between a road bike and a hybrid - without mentioning bars??

I presume angles and lengths come into it - but what are the details - with links???
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