Show us your utility bikes

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23yrs of tying hubs & rims together
Here's the Beespoke workshop bike... Used for carrying wheels, cake and the odd pizza.




Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
This is mine - a 1996 Raleigh Pioneer Trail 21. Need a better photo:



Mine is a bit extravagant as a utility bike, but I run as many errands as I can on it. It’s locked up with Kryptonite New York lock and the q/r skewers have been replaced with security skewers.

It’s a 2009 Van Nic Amazon Ti frame with a mixed Dura Ace and Ultegra 10 Speed groupset, TRP titanium canti brakes and an Easton EA90 SLX wheelset with 28c GP5000 tyres.

Now wearing mudguards, pannier rack and a pair of Avenir panniers, its perfect for a couple of bags of shopping or picking up stuff from B&Q so I use it as much as possible. In the summer I’ll take off the mudguards and rack and use it for longer rides.

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Here's my Islabike Beinn 29, it's 8 years old and I have fitted a 7 speed Sram hub gear, SP dynamo hub up front, partial chain case, stand and of course mudguards and carrier.
In the photo it has a dog carrier bag on the back it was an unused purchase from a year or two ago and it makes an excellent tough throw anything in bag that unlike a box doesn't rattle.
This bike does all my winter commutes down filthy lanes and all the worst weather and also doubles up as a great utillity machine and from time to time pulling a trailer with it too.


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Like the chain ring cover...snazzy!
Yes indeed, not the most pleasing thing to look at really, it is actually got a back to it so it's fully enclosed but only covering part of the chain length and very effective at keeping off most of the crud thrown up by the wheels.


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