1 1/8 tyres?

Hello all!

This is probably a very trivial question for all of you! I have a bike with a dead inner tube. I was just trying to order a replacement, but the sidewall wants a 27x1-1/8 tyre fitted. These seem very hard to find! By comparison, 27x 1-1/4 seem very common. Would a 1-1/4 inch inner tube fit in a 1 1/8 inch tyre? Or is that a bad idea?

For bonus points, can I put a new 1-1/4 inch tyre on the wheel, or will the rim only hold the 1-1/4 sized ones? If I replace the tyre (which needs replacing soon anyway), I could fix the inner tube issue! :smile:



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Yes it should be fine at 1.250". Just get a tube that fits the range 700 Diameter wheel, 28 to 35 width (yours is about 28). just make sure you get the right valve type for your wheel.

To select a different tyre width for your wheels you need to know the internal rim dimension (measure it) then you can safely fit a tyre 1.5 to 2 times the width of your wheel's internal rim. A 1.25" tyre should be fine so either way you're ok.

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Tyre tubes are fairly flexible. For the past year I've had 559 innertubes on 590 rims. I had to stretch them over the rims to get them on though!


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Continental Ultra Sports do a 27" x 1 1/8" size. I've got a pair and not had a problem with. Great grip on bends though I don't go out much in the wet.

Also I use the same tubes as 1 1/4" tyres. I'll swap back to Marathons (Plus not available for 27") come the winter with the same tubes. They are 700c tubes, can't remember width, probably 25 or 28.
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