105 pedals

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A right pain in the...ankles. Bought new, with some shimano cycling shoes and are lovely when I'm clicked in and cycling but what a damned faff getting them out again. My right ankle is aching.

Now, I've tried taking the adjustment down down to minus (-), or the way it says to turn that way anyhow, but not much difference. It still is a hass.

Any tricks? Vaseline perhaps? Am I adjusting it the wrong way? Does it take a little while to get the technique or have I already buggered the cleats? Makes a horrible noise. Argh! Hurts my ankle just thinking about it but the left one seems to be alright....

Any thoughts? Only used them for around two rides...?


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Assuming these are the 105 SPD - SL pedals.
Are the cleats tight on the shoes?
Are your shoes tight on your feet?

It will take getting used to, but it should be easy to clip out by turning your ankle away from the bike. New cleats are harder to get out than ones worn in, so keep practising.
I would suggest clipping out with the pedal as far down as possible, and only take one foot out at a time, it's really hard to try and get a foot in when you can't control the pedal and your already moving!!!
Monsieur Remings
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Thanks fella. The shoes aren't tight, so I'll have a look at the cleats and fiddle with the adjustments a bit more.

Don't get me wrong, they're great when I'm not coming up to a junction.
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