1933 BSA cycle and side car!


1933 BSA cycle
(I was told) The bike was used in the Whitchurch (Shropshire) area during the second world war and eventually found it's way into the Mouldsworth Motor Museum in the 1970s, where it was on display until just before the museum sadly closed.
It's showing some really nice signs of patina, it's almost certainly had a repaint at some point in it's life, but personally I wouldn't change it, it looks just as it should do for a bike of this age.
I have used this bike, mostly local journeys but I did 25 miles on it one day and it was great fun.
It's recently had two new tyres, but I would imagine a basic service wouldn't go amiss.

Now attached to the bike is superb sidecar, which I think it's 1950's/1960's. Although there's no visible maker's name or model present, it would seem to be a rare item.
It's a massive attention getter, I doubt you'd find a better advertising medium than this, it's a real talking point.
I'm selling the two together and welcome and encourage viewing before you decide if you want to buy it. It should be a great investment too, it's not going to go down in price in my opinion.

Bike and sidecar together £225, would consider a split: £140 for the bike and £120 for the sidecar.

Dog not included, he is too big and didn't like it!

I can deliver this bike/sidecar for a fair price within 50 miles, send me your postcode for a quote. Please note though it will not be leaving here until delivery costs have been for first!

*If you live miles away, please feel free to ask any member of CycleChat who lives closer to come and inspect it on your behalf and post their findings on this thread.

bsa again.jpg

bike sidecar lol.jpg
ollie sidecar.jpg ollie sidecara.jpg

I will get better pictures over the weekend.
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Tony Raynor

Need for steeds
Lol don't think I'd get my 2 boxers in that. Might need to have 2 but I'm not sure cycling an extra 60kgs is a good idea.
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