1961 Viking All-Rounder for sale


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Hello all,

I'm looking to sell a Viking All-Rounder made in 1961 and bought just last year for the Eroica Britannia. I thought I'd use it loads after that but kept being distracted by other bikes...you know how it is. When I bought it the bike had just been lovingly restored by a wiry old audaxer from Worthing. He'd opted for budget modern wheels but everything else bar the saddle (a cheap Brooks copy) is original. I've swapped the original (straight) bars for some randonneur drops but otherwise it's as I bought it.

One of the best features of the restoration is the paintjob, which was expertly (and beautifully) done by Colour-Tech. It rides very well, even if you do have to stop every time you want to change chainrings! It's fine as is but would also make an interesting single speed project for anyone so inclined.

Sizing: It's a large - the downtube's 60cm & toptube is 57cm so it would suit someone in the 6'0"-6'3" range. I'm 6'2" and it's fine for me. On price, I'm hoping for something in the £300-350 ballpark but open to offers. I'm based in Brighton...I'd prefer not to have to post it but I would at a push - adding the cost to the sale price.

I should add that the rather nice black titanium railed Brooks Swallow saddle you see in these shots is not included - it'll ship with a cheap brown Brooks copy.

Thanks for listening :smile:

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