1st Road Bike - Thoughts?


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Hello all, just joined. My wife and I are both getting road bikes, we are pretty set on "endurance" bikes, so we can do nice rides on the weekends, but still use them for smaller triathlons. Our budget is about $1500 per bike. I have two options I'm looking at, and would love thoughts.

1) 2015 Cannondale Synapse: Aluminum frame, 105s all around, disk brakes $1449.99

2) 2015 Specialized Roubaix: Carbon frame, Sora all around, $1399

The main thing here is, what would be a better bet? Get a carbon frame and know that in the future I need to upgrade components all around? Or get a solid aluminum frame with 105s all around and be set for awhile? So, solid all around, or a better frame with worse components? The 2015 105s are 11 speed too, which is nice.

Would love thoughts based on your experiences, does Carbon make enough of a difference to go down to levels of components?

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