2 Ernie Clements bikes. £80 donation to charity for the pair.

There had to be a catch. There are several.

They are alloy, 24" children's faux MTBs with EC-stickered frames. If you were after some lightweight whizzbang 1950s steelies for road racing, this is not your advertisement. Sorry. :sad:

My children have outgrown these bikes and I have run out of younger relatives to pass them on to. They are used. They have been well used. Both have frequently covered 70-miles in a day on the A40 and both have spent some time off-road. Both have been crashed more than once, sometimes spectacularly.

Photos will follow when my daughter shows me how to upload from the camera.

One (annoyingly) has tyres that have cracked over time and will need replacing. The other has around £30-worth of almost brand-new 24" MTB tyres on it. Equally annoyingly...

Both have saddles on QR clamps. Both have bar-end thingies for off-road climbing.

Both were ridden by various of my children between the ages of 8 and 12. The older one is around 2002 vintage, the younger around 2004. Both have had new chains, brakes, tyres and similar over the years. One has had a new crank and chainrings. But these are not showpiece bikes.

They carry a scar or two on their shocking yellow paint.

Both have rudimentary front suspension and both weigh in at around 13.5 Kg, measured by standing on bathroom scales first with then without a bike in my hand.

One was 'retired' to a hook from a rafter some months ago and the other is now back from long-term loan to a family friend. I am out of space and they must go.

They ride, stop, turn and skid. If you have a couple of kids in the 8-12 bracket and want some 'rough & ready' bikes for them to use, this pair of beauties is for you.

If you lust for the products of Isla and fascinate about bespoke cranks for the under-tens, these may not be your cup of tea.

If I had a fourth child, they would be staying with me. I do not. My youngest is now on a small adult Trek MTB and some fancy Italian 48cm road thingy.

The older bike has a 6-speed cassette on a triple and the younger has a 7 on a triple.

Both have V-Brakes all-round, apart from the rears on the older one, which are cantis.

If anyone likes the look of them and can get to within 10 miles of Hereford, I'll hand them both over as they are for an £80 cheque to Oxfam or Christian Aid.

If there is tons of interest, I may suggest a modest charity auction, but I think £80 the pair is a fair price.

I'll get the piccies up as soon as I can or pop a link for Flickr or similar.
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