2 new bikes on the horizon :)


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Although only just getting back into riding I'm now on the lookout to upgrade to bigger and better things, within the next 4 month I,ll be having quite a substantial "pay off" and have side lined £1000 for a new set of bikes and as a personal goal treat of losing 3stone in weight this year im on the lookout for 1x MTB and a hybrid although this may change to a road bike before that time "if 2 fellow big lads like Laurence and Freddie" can ride one I think I can manage one lol (maybe) so recommendation for either please.....

* been 6'3 and 18 stone would this have any major effect on choice ie, very lightweight frames?
* MTB duel suspension or front?
* hybrid or road ?

Thanks in advance guys.... Mark


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Im 6'3" and was 18 stone when I picked up my road bike, am down to 16 ish now and I havent ad any problems. I also had a ridgeback velocity hybrid which I loved and both have seen 1500 miles easily with me!

If your going to get 2 bikes id go for a hard tail mtb with front suspension lockout for light trail riding, a second set of wheels to put slicks on (in essence a hybrid then)and get a cheap entry level road bike (check out decathlon for good entry level stuff) you get in essence 3 bikes for the price of two!

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Decide on what you want to acheive! Speed ,distance ,excitement of off road,practicality,like you have probally read one bike is hard to pin point ,as many bikes have many uses I have bought 3 new bikes in as many months now ,addiction isn't the word for it,for me I have a day of speed on my commute then distance ,a leisure ride with my wife,always keeping a eye on my cadence ,a muddy duck ride in the woods with the dog,
It's a big decision to get the right bike,


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Thanks opened up some more ideas for types of bike now

MTB won't be about speed but feffo off roading but by no means x treme stuff .
What's the benefits of a hard tail compared to a duel ?
Also noticed at the higher end of bikes most have disk breaks with hydraulics and air suspension ?
I hear there are cons with this type of equipment ??


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Expense of having a second set of wheels and disks may mean road bike takes a back seat for a while
I been eyeing up a couple of boardmans and some voo doo makes . But nothing rings out at me yet
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