2010 GT Agressor XC2 new bolts please

Raging Squirrel

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i've had a GT Agressor XC2 from new for a couple of years and it's been left in the garden, I never really got into it when I bought it for some reason.

Anyway, I'm going to Centre Parcs and decided to take the GT and the Boardman hybrid. I've got the GT in from the garden, and it's minging. It need's a good pressure wash, but I've noticed a lot of the bolts have rusted over (pedal screws, bolts on the cranks and on the handle bars as well as a few others)

There's also rust coming through the chrome on the forks and the gears are slipping a bit (hoping a clean of the chain and some new ube might help with that though?)

Anyone know where I could get replacements? And roughly how much?
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