2012 Irish cycling casualty figures


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Here is the full report from the RSA of cyclist casualties in 2012.
Not sure if we are getting the full picture here...
'The collision data included in this report is based on cyclist collisions that occurred on public roads in Ireland in 2012 and were reported to An Garda Síochána'
Perhaps a bigger picture could have been attained by using a combination of the Garda report along with figures from EDs and doctors surgeries. (Of course, we know, many collisions go totally unreported anywhere).
The report could have been further enhanced by providing stats as to who exactly was to blame for these collisions. Without such data, it seems much too easy to to apportion blame on the victim of these collisions.

http://www.rsa.ie/Documents/Road Safety/Crash Stats/Review_of_Cyclist_Injuries_2012.pdf


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Do people think this study is flawed in some way? It amazes me that accidents increased but deaths decrease. Since cars usually win, I would expect more deaths. It feels as if the report measurement might have changed. I do not know the organization that executed the study or the reliability of reporting from year to year. Thoughts?
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