2019 Goats League - Climb - 25 - Col du Lauteret And Galibier


Always Riding His Neo at 100%
Blackpool UK

Ride opens for attempts at midnight 17th June 2019, and closes on Midnight on the 18th August 2019, ride must be completed within that window for it to count otherwise you get the time of the slowest rider plus 5%.

First appearing in le tour in 1911, when it was crested by Émile Georget, since 1947 it has appeared over 40 times, but only counts for the Polka dot Jersey when ascending from Briancon, which is the way you lucky few are doing it :rofl: Where it counts as a cat 3 climb ... howevver, rather than descending to Bourg d'Oisans we are going to turn off and continue ascending on the 9th highest paved road in France, and will finish at the top of the Galibier.

Enjoy the 27.09Km ride as you ascend 1231m from the outskirts of Briancon to the Galibier, the highest summit finish in le tour ... It's scheduled to be ridden in this years race, see if you can match the pros :giggle:



Rides his NEO 2 at 100%
@Aleman 1:38:20 please :okay:

This ride looks harder than it actually is. It's long, but thankfully not too steep. Didn't push too hard, was aiming for about 210 watts ave for the whole ride. Target time was 1:40, so was pretty much spot on.


Cracking a solo.
1:27:04 ??? Looks the same as the post above to me :biggrin: ... Of course there was a momentary glitch where I had finger trouble and hit 6:27:04, but that was corrected very quickly
I have a feeling it was 0.6, but I don't remember getting the KOM, perhaps I had my contacts on back to front or something. Looks good now though, must have been my imagination :whistle:
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