2019 Goats League - Climb 27 - Cormet De Roselend (South)

Discussion in 'BRVR - Goats League Discussions' started by Aleman, 9 Jul 2019.

  1. Aleman

    Aleman Ale Man (BKool)

    Blackpool UK
    Ride opens for attempts at midnight 1st July 2019, and closes on Midnight on the 25th August 2019, ride must be completed within that window for it to count otherwise you get the time of the slowest rider plus 5%.

    First appearing in le Tour in 1979, it has made 9 appearances since, with it's 11th appearance due in this years 2019 edition. We'll be tackling the 20.13Km 1243m harder Cat 1 ascent from Beaufort.


    Post your times in the thread and I'll update the Goats League Spreadsheet

    Please include your BRVR User/Display Name to give other riders pacers to chase if they so desire.
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  2. Mugshot

    Mugshot Cracking a solo.

    @ibooij and the team should cut and paste your ride descriptions and info, for a reasonable fee of course :whistle:
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  3. Whorty

    Whorty WADA conclude I don't need a TUE!

    SW Wiltshire
    @Aleman 1:29:15 please :okay:

    That was a hot one :laugh:
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  4. BRVR_User

    BRVR_User Well-Known Member

    Herts, UK
    1:04:33 for me please @Aleman
    Don’t know what it is about the Cormet but it always feels tougher than it looks! Only rode this side once before this particular ride and wasn’t looking forward to it, but did manage to take just over a minute off my previous best - so not all bad
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  5. djk

    djk David Kings on BRVR

    When you say "south", do you mean "north"?
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  6. djk

    djk David Kings on BRVR

    Too hot to go fulgaz, but still 16 mins faster than last time.

    1:31:22 please @Aleman
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  7. Mugshot

    Mugshot Cracking a solo.

    That's a blooming long ride, they knacker me out these long ones :sweat::heat:

    1:19:18 please @Aleman
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