2020 Tour de Quarantine

love it , :laugh: i hope its a grand tour .


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And more lucid commentary than Carlton Kirby too!
I have a bit of a soft spot for CK... :whistle:

Mind you, I had a soft spot for David Duffield too! One of my favourite DD moments was a (TdF?) stage with a camera shot from a helicopter hovering parallel to the riders climbing a scenic mountain. The gradient was probably only about 5% but the camera was clearly rotated clockwise about 40 degrees. (The clue was that the spectators all appeared to be leaning heavily to the left!) DD was waffling on about what cheese he's had with his wine last night when he evidently glanced up at his monitor... [This isn't what he actually said, but it isn't far off!] "My God, Sean - this is inhuman!!! That slope must be 45 degrees, or 1-in-2 in old money, but these riders are so incredibly fit - they make it look easy!!!" :laugh:
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