27 Inch Wheels - or 700C

Hi All

I'd like to get some new 27" lightweight wheels for my Rory O'Brien.

I'd be grateful if you could give me some ideas; I'm not sure what is available nowadays or where from; or how much they might cost.

Can anyone suggest any lightweight wheels which are suitable for fairly fast roadwork on a fairly lightweight frame ? I'd also be pleased if I could find out a source(s) for such wheels. Within reason, cost is not really an issue.

I'd also like to know any recommendations for tyres.

Or shoul I try to fit 700C wheels and tyres ?


May I refer the right honourable member to the answer I gave a few minutes ago in the 'Know how' dept.


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700c wheels are the way to go 27" is history unless you are a 1960's classic bike enthusiast. tyre choice is also limited with 27". 700c wheels are the same size as tubs and sprints so will fit straight in any quality lightwieght frame such as yours. As for what wheels Get advice from your local Lightwieght shop as this depends on what you intend
useing the bike for.
Regards holly7141
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