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So my 29er Specialized Fast Tracks (29 x 2) need replacing soon, and I'm not sure what to replace them with!

I ride mostly trails and towpaths, where I often encounter water, loose gravel etc.
I do use shared paths quite a bit, so need something that will roll well, but also grip on loose gravel and I'd like them to have puncture protection.
(I intend buying a set of full knobbly tyres for when I only ride trails, so I can swop between the two sets).

Any recommendations for the multi use tyres would be appreciated!


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I used schwlbe land cruisers when I used my MTB for general cycling. They have a slick centre section for the smooth stuff, and side nobbles for the rough.

They do have puncture protection too.

They are heavy, and I remember them being a pig to fit, but that was in the days before I knew the spa technique...

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XUFVrl0UT4


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I have schwalbe rapid robs on mine as they are what my saracen kili comes fitted with. I've only had one puncture from very tough wee thorn and do me fine whether on road, tow path or off road


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I spend lots of time either on tow paths or on the cycle path beside loch lomond which is fully paved and I've never had any issue. My husband is usually with me and he's had at least 5 punctures in his maxxis ardents
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